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It is the time of the yearly Halloween celebrations, as friends and family all across CABAL Online gather for fun, laughter and even a scare or two! The shop is full of special Halloween items and over the course of the next seven days a whole host of events and competitions will be run to celebrate the festive period.

Yet just as the celebrations are set to begin an old threat has returned, with reports from all over Nevareth indicating that an enemy thought vanquished a year ago has returned. The reports claim of seeing the huge Jack'O'Lanterns and the time has now come to take up weapons, to search out and destroy these invaders, and allow the Halloween celebrations to continue. The Jack'O'Lanterns appear to move towards the most popular travelling routes, and pose a grave threat to the ordinary citizens. Brave souls Nevareth needs you!

The Jack’O’Lanterns are of varying level and strength, giving an opportunity for all players (even those new to the game) to take part in the battle. If killed they drop handsome rewards, including Halloween tickets which can be collected from all monsters and exchanged for prizes.

The event will run until November 4th. For more details on the Halloween festivities visit the official website of Cabal Online.


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