GUNS and ROBOTS has announced some new improvements

Masthead Studios has announced a new update for its free to play action shooter GUNS and ROBOTS which arrives with some changes to its the matchmaking system and re-balances the durability, energy consumption, speed and damage of the components. This global re-balance tweaks and improves weapons and  gives players more fast-paced battles.

The improved and modified matchmaking system gives players the opportunity to fight against players of a similar skill level allowing more balanced team setup. The re-balance gives different look and sensitivity of the overall battle mechanichs, changing the parts of the three major classes of the parts.

In addition, Guns and Robots has presented a new mini game which allows players to enjoy a game within the game while waiting in the queue. Players are able to heat up their engines before the match has begun with shooting at space visitors.

Source of informations: Masthead Studios press release.

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