Guns and Robots announces what’s coming for its upcoming First Season

Masthead Studios has announced what is coming in the next few months for the start of the upcoming First Season of Guns and Robots.

This update will allow players to form guilds, fight in PvE arenas, enjoy lots of game events, conquer territories in ranked guild death- matches, where the players will fight in open world arenas to dominate one territory, improve and enhance the weapons and parts of your robots, complete achievements thanks to the new challenges or rent parts for your robots, to try them before you buy them.

Along with those major features, the team of Guns and Robots have planned to improve the tutorial, re-design the user interface for easy navigation and access, as well as new content updates sporting fresh maps, parts and weapons.

Guns&robots RW1 Guns&robots RW2

Source of information: Masthead Studios press release.

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