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NCSOFT and ArenaNet, have offered today a glimpse of Origins of Madness, Guild Wars new update which is going to add new adversaries and that is going to be the beginning of an epic end to a storyline that began more than a year ago.

In Origins of Madness, Guild Wars 2 players will have to fight against the forces of the arch-villain Scarlet Briar, who is going to unleash the Twisted Marionette, a brand-new mechanical monstrosity on the living world of Tyria, which can only be stopped by a concerted effort on the part of players.

GW2 marionnete RW3 GW2 marionnete RW4

That’s not the only threat awaiting players, as the teaser video reveals. Scarlet’s machinations have unearthed something ancient and angry in Bloodtide Coast. The Great Jungle Wurm is a huge multi-headed creature so powerful that only an army of players can challenge it.

GW2 marionnete RW1 GW2 marionnete RW2

Source of Informations: Arena.Net press release.

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