Guild Wars 2 has published a new article centered in the large scale pvp

One of ArenaNet system designers, Mike Ferguson, has published a new article on the official blog of Guild Wars 2, named "Guild Wars 2: Word vs. World! ". This article reveals several aspects that characterize the game.

ArenaNet confirms the intention of providing a large scale PvP and including maps and extensions huge game. In addition, reveals key information about the types of objects for players to fight, including the assault of strengths, which will require strategies of attack, infiltration ability, plus the use of assault weapons, among which are the trebuchets, catapults and crossbows and more.

In the game users can get different types of updates, either structural or personal. At the same time, when undertaking the assault missions will try to convince locals to join their cause, while Mike Ferguson advised that large groups of players enrolled in the same case divide their efforts on other smaller groups to cover a greater area of ‚Äč‚Äčland.

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