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Grimlands is a free to play MMOFPS set in a post-apocalyptic world. In the dark and hostile world of Grimlands, players have one goal: survival. Those brave enough to accept this challenge will find themselves facing psychopaths, terrifying mutants and roving bands of outlaws.

The game offers open skill system and a very flexible crafting system. Players can create weapons and ammunition and modify them. Or if they prefer, they can roam the landscape in vehicles together with friends or in a clan. Players will have to collect materials, fight their way through dungeons, and find rare construction plans in order to improve the equipment.


More than 95% of all towns, villages, and industrial facilities were destroyed after the global catastrophe. All energy lines and water supplies were broken. Makeshift accommodation was erected from the leftovers of civilization so that we are always coming across lots of scattered, small settlements in which brisk trading takes place. However, there are lots of other places which are very dangerous for adventurers.


- Innovative combination of third-person shooter and MMORPG in an open and continually-developing world
- Dynamic game world influenced by the actions of the players
- Flexible skill system - skills that are used often are improved while skills that are not used are forgotten
- Comprehensive crafting system with almost endless possibilities
- Quests for single players, groups and area quest that are set in a specific place
- Intelligent opponents that will run for cover, flee, hide or lead players into traps
- Cities that can be controlled and expanded by players
- Modifiable vehicles
- Clan system with ranks, levels, an event calendar and a base
- Comprehensive PvP features with duels, arenas and battlegrounds


There are neither character classes nor character levels. Individual training and constant usage of skills will strengthen your character. Pretty much all actions are linked to a skill, whether it’s just running about, trading with NPCs, or firing a weapon. There are over 70 skills in the game which are divided into three categories: Body, Pace, and Mind.


There are several PVP features in the game:

Open PVP

Every player can mark themselves for PvP at anytime in the game. Whoever does this can be attacked by other players without warning, or they can be challenged to a duel.

World objectives - Particular places are marked all over the map which can be conquered by clans. These world objectives are particularly coveted by clans because they hold special bonuses for all members.

Player controlled towns - Towns represent the beating heart of every game world. Life pulsates there. Towns are social meeting places and trading centers. However, things are a little different in Grimlands. Clans rule over towns here and make sure that buildings are constructed and expanded. They raise taxes in order to improve the infrastructure. High walls ensure protection against attackers. Nevertheless, clans have to constantly defend their position of power against rival clans.


Dungeons in Grimlands are currently designed for individual players or a group of up to four players. There’s a choice of four difficulty levels when entering a dungeon:

- Solo (individual players)
- Easy (2+ players)
- Normal (designed for 3-4 players)
- Difficult (the ultimate challenge. Requires a complete group and decent equipment)


Means of transportation play a truly important role in Grimlands. Not just because traveling times are significantly reduced, but also because many people can travel in one vehicle, meaning additional weapons can be mounted. Skilled engineers can create a huge variety of modifications for vehicles. These include: Armor, chassis, engines, tires, bull bars, weapons, and much more.


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 3.2 Ghz
Graphic Card: Geforce 9800, 512MB / Radeon HD 4850
RAM: 2GB (Windows XP) / 4GB (Vista/7/8)

Processor: Intel i5 2500
Graphic Card: Geforce 560 / Radeon HD 5870
RAM: 2GB (Windows XP) / 4GB (Vista/7/8)

Website: Grimlands

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