Grepolis has launched a new Easter event

InnoGames has launched a new Easter event in its popular game Grepolis. Players don't have to go on a difficult search for Easter eggs, but can easily produce them in a new mini-game. Each player gets a virtual Easter chicken as a present. It must be supplied with food in order for it to lay golden eggs. These eggs can be exchanged in an Easter shop into special goods or advantages.

Each player starts the Easter event with an Easter chicken, which must be fed to start laying eggs in a chicken coop. Players can get feed for the chickens by letting their cities' inhabitants search for it. The resulting golden eggs can then be traded for a variety of goods and advantages in the new Easter shop. Among those are cultural items, spells and special effects, resources or the favor of the gods. In addition, players also have the opportunity to purchase a second chicken in order to turn a possible excess of chicken feed into golden eggs.

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