Grepolis has announced its plans to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Summer Games

InnoGames has announced the plans of Grepolis to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Summer Games. As the Olympic Games in London are nearing, InnoGames begins a new peaceful world in its strategic browser game Grepolis: "Hyperborea". Here, players cannot conquer enemy cities and subsequently won't fear losing their own cities to foes. This intends to fit the style of players who focus on peacefully coexisting with neighbors, or who play the game casually.

Grepolis will not only celebrate the Olympics with the start of "Hyperborea", however. Rumors have spread across the island realms of the Aegean Sea that troops have started to lay down arms and are preparing themselves to take part in a brand new event: Grepolympia. Here, the outstanding of the ancient world will face off, and the players who train their athletes best will gain several in-game advantages.

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