GreedInc: $200,000 in-game dollars to all players

GreedInc have added some great new features over the past couple months, but today they've just awarded all players $200,000 in-game dollars to spend however they see fit. When you log into GreedInc you'll find your character has been credited $200,000 to spend however you like.  They have also added some cool new player bonus packages, or "goody bags" to help those players who are just starting out and could use some extra help.

Customize your Crib!
You can now fully customize your room making it your own.  You'll also be able to collect trophies and other cool items to show off along the way.

Join a Syndicate / Start your own
Finding a good syndicate will help you rise through the ranks and earn more money and respect.  Team up with other players to take control of cities and earn huge territory rewards.
Great New BlackMarket Items
You'll now find a weapons and armor section in the black market where you'll see a great selection of high-end weapons and armor, as well as specialty gear that will buff your character.

Check here all you need to know about GreedInc. And visit its official website.

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