Gravity Interactive has started the annual summer festival of ROSE Online

Gravity Interactive, is heading down to the coast for the annual summer festival in ROSE Online. Starting now and running until July 17th, players can grab their swim trunks and snorkels for some of the best summer events yet in ROSE.

This year, Anzhelika in Luna is fed up with her snowy planes and demands to have some summer too. Collect the ingredients of summer and bring them to her bar in the Magic City of Eucar. The special ingredients are rare world drops available only on their planet of origin, so expect plenty of heated trading action. Once players have turned in enough of the ingredients, she will reward you with her special Luau Box containing a special Hawaiian themed item! If you don't get the prize you are hoping for, trade with friends, and be sure to collect all six items before the summer event ends.

Relax with some fun and frantic mini-games down on the sand, including Clown Throwing, Chicken Races, Summer Fishing, Digging for Treasure, Scavenger Hunts and more. Earn Festival Tickets to trade for fantastic prizes, such as gorgeous Yukatas, Bikinis, and other fashionable wear.

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