Gravity Interactive has started the annual player versus player tournament of Ragnarok Online

Gravity Interactive, has announced today the start of the annual player versus player tournament for their title, Ragnarok Online. Matches begin Saturday, June 23rd at 11 am Pacific, and will be broadcast live on the Ragnarok Online channel here. Players can register their teams now on the official registration page and prepare for a grueling tournament of champions. Full details of the competition, including a massive list of potential prizes, can be found in the announcement on the Ragnarok Online portal here.

"We're changing the rules a little this year, to structure the competition the same way it's held worldwide - and that includes adding some sweet cash prizes," said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. "This tournament is also the first time we're permitting third class characters to join in, meaning the competition just went up a whole new level because these are powerful characters!"

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