Gravity Interactive, has started a new event for their MMORPG, Ragnarok Online

Gravity Interactive, has started a new event for their MMORPG, Ragnarok Online that have opened dimensional cracks, which have been established as leading to an area now nicknamed Hall of Abyss. 

Castle Investments will be available for a short period of time per game date, and total investments will be updated every five hours.  Cat-Hand agents will be scattered throughout the castle to collect funds.  Players can invest the minimum of 10,000 zeny up to a maximum of 2,000,000 zeny.  Each realm will have their individual totals tallied separately, so guilds compete among known enemies to hold control of the new coveted territory.

The Halls of Abyss is aimed at players 135 or up, and provides both solo and group content.

"Players will now compete rigorously to own the Hall of Abyss, even temporarily, but in this war might doesn't make right," said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. "Instead, the War of Emperium will be an economic battle, where the highest bidders will lay claim to the new zone!"

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