Grand Chase: sieghart’s 2nd job and new dungeon

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today, the 2nd job for Sieghart and an all-new dungeon in its online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase. This is the 2nd job for Sieghart and is available, along with a new dungeon: Forest of Life, starting today.

"Sieghart's 2nd job as Warlord, along with the all-new dungeon is a unique new addition for our Grand Chase players," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "The combination of new Warlord skills, missions and new skill attacks will prove to be an exciting addition to the game."

About Sieghart's 2nd New Job: Warlord
With three new Warlord skills, two Warlord missions and four new skill attacks players will relish in Sieghart's exciting 2nd Job. The Warlord is a highly specialized job that combines the long reach of the pike and the speed of the gladius. The Warlord excels in smashing through his opponents' defenses with the long swipes of his pike, granting him access to their inner defenses with his quick gladius. The Warlord often uses his pike to vault over enemies while charging, quickly changing his position on the battlefield, giving him the opportunity to strike from above and behind. His ability to quickly change his positioning gives him many opportunities to strike at undefended backs and sides that his opponents may not expect. The Warlord can capture many enemies single handedly by suddenly dropping down from above or forcing them into a corner with his long reaching pike.

The Warlord's attacks can come from his gladius or his pike, giving him a varied array of ranges from which he can assault his opponents. He can quickly close gaps and has an edge in close quarters combat that no other job can equal. Coupled with his "Rage Mode," no other close quarters combat class can compare. Sieghart was a renowned hero of Bermesiah 600 years ago, but disappeared in the midst of ruins. Reappearing in the times of Grand Chase, he tells the people that the Highlander gods saved him from death and gave him the gift of immortality. He joins the Grand Chase to stop the God of Conquering from a planned invasion to Bermesiah. Sieghart bears the name of Elesis' grandfather and has a chargeable gauge to strengthen attacks (similar, though not identical to Jin's gauge) that fills over time, faster when damaged or dealing damage. He wields a long blade that, in contrast to Elesis' weapon, he holds in reverse. Like Jin, he appears to be adept in several styles of combat.

About the New Dungeon
The new dungeon named, Forest of Life, welcomes the Grand Chase to help Lady Gaia. They soon discover the forest has been polluted and the Big Boss, Rukka, has also been corrupted. Lady Gaia decided to fuse herself with Rukka in an effort to escape from the Ascendant God but is now at risk of becoming trapped within Rukka's pollution forever!

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