Granado Espada has received a new update

Redbana has released"the Scar" the second part of Granado Espada's Bristia update. In this update the war for Bristia's independence takes an unexpected turn when the Governor Caisse Kielce disappears, taking with him the secrets of the Bristia Liberation Army and the events of the pivotal Three Year War, which causes a violence escalation between the Royal Guards and the Bloody Navy.

 Granado espada WoI GS1

In this update, players can recruit to Olivia, a traitor spy specialized in the use of daggers and fists, or play in a new map called "the Scar", in which remains Coster Town, a city victim of the war only inhabited by the vengeful ghosts of the dead.

Granado espada WoI GS2Granado espada WoI GS3

The patch also introduces the new Elite Bristia Weapons, which can be acquired in the new Breeze raid. To spice things up, this patch comes with changed status parameters to achieve a more balanced gameplay and brings the Character Buff system which allow players to buff their groups.

Source of information: Redbana press release

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