GPotato has transformed Flyff with the arrival of its new version, called Flyff Gold

The global version of Flyff, the MMORPG from gPotato, is transformed with the arrival of a new version, called Flyff Gold, that brings many new features, which modify the appearance and the contents of the game.

Feel the difference from your first step into a vibrant new Flaris with new textures, new character portraits, new music, and a new bell tower forming the natural hub of the game’s warm and welcoming community. Meet the new NPC vendors of the Consignment Marketplace, an automated trade system, and manage all your item trades through one simple, searchable interface. Once you get that Cylos Sword you always loved, take it to the Weapon Transformation System and combine it with an ultimate weapon to get the stats you need on the weapon you like most.

Flyff Gold’s signature interface makes the game more dynamic and accessible. Place up to six actions in the Revolver Action Slot and perform or switch them out on the fly to form your battle plan, then take down monsters like the towering Kraken or legendary Clockworks. Slide the dynamic info bars back to see more of the fight or extend them so you can manage everything at once with the new customizable interface that lets you put as much or as little information as you want on screen.

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