Goodgame Big Farm Completely Redesigned

Big Farm - news

Goodgame Studios has just announced the release of the biggest update since launch for their farming management MMO Big Farm, the farm landscape of which has been completely revised.

Besides being easy on the eye, the changes also provide players with several new challenges throughout the year. Farm keepers may now make use of a greenhouse and a paddock and will find a coastal strip including a lighthouse and a harbour as well as a runway for aircraft nearby their main farm.


While the paddock allows players to breed horses, the greenhouse introduces multiple need seeds that will be picked up by a ship that will cast anchor at the harbour on a regular basis. These new additions and changes are supposed to guarantee variety for the future, not leaving a chance to boredom.

"We want to offer our players exciting content and more gaming fun on their farms," explained Olliver Heins, Head of Games at Goodgame Studios. "The new farm environment allows us to give added depth to the game and make Goodgame Big Farm even more visually attractive."

Source of information: Goodgame Studios press release.

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