Good and Bad Things About The West

In The West players step into the snake skin boots of a wandering cowboy, heading from town to town picking up work, driving off bandits, and challenging other players to showdowns. InnoGames’ free to play strategy browser has been around for a few years, and whilst it has its failing in some areas, there’s still a lot of good in this wild west themed MMO; let’s check it out…

The Good
Customization Options – Players can customize their cowboy in various ways, typically through earned, purchased and crafted gear to boost stats, or spending point in 20 different skills covering everything from combat, crafting, jobs and exploration
Not Too Pay To Win – Although players can purchase Nuggets premium currency, this can’t be spent in every area of the game, with player shops requiring Dollars (standard earned currency), leaving RNG for perks, convenience and RNG chests
Found a Town – Either build up a town of your own or work collaboratively with other players to build up their, players can invest money into a town that other players can visit, improving services and goods, as well as providing beneficial home territory in combat
Tactical Aiming in Combat – Players are able to choose what body parts their character will aim to shoot in combat, broken up into different rounds they can not only change where they will try to shoot their opponent each round, but also which direction they wish to dodge to try and evade their opponent’s attacks
The Adventure Feature – At level 10 a 3v3 PVP system is available where players work together to try and capture three different building objectives and hold them to earn points, making an exciting turn based strategy that differs from standard combat

The Bad
Waiting Around – Whilst the thrill of the cowboy theme is good in theory, in practice the game is bogged down with too much idle time, waiting for your character to travel from one area to another, or waiting around as they auto-complete jobs, with neither requiring any player input
The Old West – Definitely showing its age the game suffers in the ways you would expect an older title too; low server populations, dated graphics and old gameplay mechanics that just aren’t as appealing for more modern MMO titles
Not Very Heroic – Although the game starts off with you being the mysterious gunslinger running bandits out of town, you quickly become the town handy man wrangling pigs, picking tobacco and cotton, or fishing to earn your way; not very heroic at all…
The Grind – Content not only takes ages to complete, it’s the same content over and over; from one job to the next it consists of nothing more than a few menu clicks and waiting around, PVE is generic, the missions are bland… the journey to max level is not an interesting one at all
The Adventure Feature’s Matchmaking – As an older game it doesn’t get a stream of new players, which means at level 10 accessing the Adventure’s matches you up with whoever is available, often putting your level 10 against and alongside level 150 players who can kill you in one shot; your use in these games is limited and you’re generally forced to hide constantly…

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