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Warframe is a free to play third person shooter set in the future where players step into the powerful Warframe battle armor of the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors that protect the galaxy from invading threats. The game boasts in depth cooperative PVE and action packed PVP battle modes with high levels of individual character customization.

The Good

Play as a Space Ninja – You can be a ninja… that’s in space… do we really need any more reasons to play the game? Not really, but here’s a few more anyway.

30 Warframes – Switch between different warframe battle armors and unlock new abilities that changes the class of your character, there are also 14 Prime versions to collect with improved stats

Action PVP and PVE – The game offers exciting PVP battles for rank and rewards, as well as extensive cooperative PVE modes in 4 man “cells” or solo content with story driven missions

Acrobatic Combat – Jump, glide and swing through the air, run along walls parkour style, double jump and even fly using special Archwings; combat is fast and mobile as players and enemies glide around the battlefield

Random Map Generation – Maps for PVE Missions are randomly generated from pre-made areas/rooms using set tiles, meaning a brand new map layout for every mission and providing the ultimate replayability factor

Gear Customizing – Unlock or craft various mods to improve your weapons and warframes, level them up by fighting with them and allowing you to add even more mods to upgrade your damage, aiming, passive traits and a lot more

The Bad

Spectres of the Rail – The recent update for Warframe was absolutely terrible, riddled with bugs, broken content and glaring problems the community went nuts because it was so bad, forcing the Game Director to give a public apology and admit that they release the game before it was ready.. uncool.

Low Skill Level – Although the shooter element of the game requires skill and precision aiming, lacking auto targeting, most of the end game RPG PVE content is extremely simple and doesn’t require the same level of organization or strategy as a classic MMORPG raid

Solo “Co-op” – Although you can group up with players in a 4 man time, most of the time players just want to rush content to get the rewards, and the shallow skill requirements means players burn through missions and barely need to work together nor communicate at all

“Random” Map Generation – Although the randomly generated maps do, in theory, provide unique maps for each mission, it doesn’t take long to see the same tile sets coming around and maps starting to feel very much the same

The Grind – Soon into the game the grind kicks in, grinding for materials, loot boxes, currency, points, and everything takes an extremely long time to get if you don’t pay for it; whilst not pay to win (and really does feel more like pay to advance quickly) it is an awful tedious task to get anything

“Open Beta” – Digital Extreme still label the game as being an Open Beta, even though it has been out over 3 years, even though players can pay cash; the label just seems like armor to help fend off any criticism so developers are able to say “the game is in beta still”. No, no it’s not.

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