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In Warface players get to battle it out in team based FPS matches against challenging AI or versus real world players, with lots of modes and map and a variety of classes the game offers some unique features involved PVP and PVE systems. Check out these Good & Bad points to see what we love and loathe about Warface.


The Graphics – Developed with the CryEngine the biggest positive that easily stands out about the game is how good the graphics are; from models, environments to explosions and weather effects the game looks impressive

Fantastic Coop Mode – The game offers a fun and exciting PVE co-op experience allowing players to work with each other, utilizing the strengths of the different classes to battle through various missions, maps and boss enemies on different difficulty modes

Team Support Actions – Players can assist each other getting around the map, whether giving a helpful leg-up to get a player to a higher level, or them then pulling you up to join them; it adds an extra element of teamwork to the combat

In-Battle Customization – There’s multiple ways in which to tweak and modify your weapons and gear during combat, all of which can be done on the go as per your circumstances and needs at that time; everything from under-barrel grenade launchers, scopes and more

Sliding Action – Whilst not a major feature the ability to slide around the map to quickly get under breaks in walls, dodge incoming enemy fire, or performing a slide and shoot attack to gain more XP for the kill the slide feature is extremely fun and versatile

Free Version of Other FPS Games – The game is in many ways extremely similar to some other popular FPS games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty, but Warface offers a similar gameplay experience but is absolutely free to play


Pay to Win – Purchasable weapon boxes providing RNG gear offer some high end exclusive weapons that are unavailable without paying cash, giving high level competitive gamers an edge in combat

Locked PVP Modes – Players must level up in order to access some of the PVP modes, leaving a limitation to lower ranked modes in the pool

Slow “Non VIP” Progression – The levelling experienced is skewed to be a bit of a slow grind, heavily encouraging players to purchase VIP in order to have a more normal rate of advancement

No Support In Certain Regions – Asia and Oceania do not have their own servers, forcing them to attempt to join EU And NA servers, unfortunately the game has a built in auto-kick that boots you from a game if your ping is too low… which invariably it is when you don’t have a region specific server

Four Mundane Classes – There are four fairly standard classes in the game (Rifleman, Medic, Engineer and Sniper), not particularly exciting and nothing we haven’t see a million times before

Maintenance Costs – The rate at which you bring in money to upgrade your gear is greatly hindered by the extortionate maintenance costs, which only grow as you level up and more expensive gear costs even more to repair

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