Good and Bad Things About Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires is a free to play city building strategy set during the Persian’s invasion of Greece and its territories. In this browser based MMO players gather resources, advance their cities and people, train an army and expand their territories battling against real players. Let’s take a look at the Good & Bad of the game to see what it’s all about.


Quality Graphics – Although the new shift in art style from developers Plarium adds a lot more character to their more recent MMOs, the level of detail in Sparta: War of Empires is high and the style itself is much more realistic

Co-op Play is a Necessity – Due to the intense PVP focus it is practically impossible to survive the game playing alone, players are encouraged to form up with other players creating not just friendships but Coalitions to help each other survive

PVP and Difficult PVE – Whether battling against another player and their troops, or facing the Persian Army AI with their increased difficulty, players will have to balance their resources and focus on their strategy to achieve conquest

Sieges and Protectorates – A fairly original element allows players to siege their opponents cities as opposed to making a direct attack, providing benefits such as increasing their Siege Score as well as making these sieged cities “Protectorates” allowing the attacking player to take a small portion of their sieges cities resource income

This. Is. SPARTA! – Players are all lead by the great Leonidas, guiding them in the early game to build up their own Empires; players can experience the battle of the mighty Spartans versus the Persian invaders all for themselves


Plarium Copy/Paste – Plarium know how to make popular strategy MMOs, unfortunately it’s using the same method over and over with the majority of similar features, elements and gameplay with each of their titles, but with a different theme

It Costs to be Competitive – Anyone wanting to play the game at higher levels and play cooperatively (unless in a very strong Coalition) is probably going to have to spend cash on premium currency just to keep up with all the benefits provided from it that a lot of other “competitive” players use

Completing Tasks Takes Ages – There’s a lot of waiting around in the game to upgrade, train units, attack enemies, and more; whilst things can pass a little quicker early game, at later levels it is excruciatingly long to do anything

Higher Level Opponents – From when a player has lost their newbie protection and can be attacked, if a higher level opponent locates them and realises they are weaker, then a player can wake up in the morning having had all their defensive units killed and all there resources plundered that has taken weeks or months to achieve. Furthermore…

… The Player Can Keep Returning – It’s fairly common for a victim such as this to become little more than a farm for higher players, to just keep attacking them every so often to take all their resources. The problem is that it then becomes extremely difficult to put to one side the resources needed to expand those building that help protect your assets.

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