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Set in the fantasy world of Telara, Rift is a battle between the Ascended and the invaders from the elemental planes that seek to destroy the world by opening enormous rifts in the sky that allow all types of monstrosities into the realm. This fantasy MMORPG allows multiple races, class options, PVE, raids, PVP, crafting and more; there’s a lot to love about the game but plenty that needs to change…

The Good
• Six Player Races – Players can customize six races that are native to the realm, with their unique racial traits these original races have their own history, culture and philosophy

• Five Classes/Callings and 46 “Souls” – There are 46 unique specializations spread across five playable classes, each with their own skills and abilities that determines the Soul’s playstyle

• The Chronicles – Take on raids with a friend or even solo, like every epic where the hero battles their way through their own saga, you can truly feel like the champion to save the realm

• Zone Invasions – With dynamic rifts opening all around the world players must battle the enemies that spill forth and close the rifts; if left unattended great Colossi will devastate and change the zone, levelling strongholds and even quest NPCs

• Dimensions – Instanced based player created environments, made up from all types of decorations and items acquired or purchased, players can make unique environments for themselves, friends or guildmembers

• PVP Options – There are numerous PVP options in the game ranging from world PVP, PVP servers, player created PVP Dimensions, PVP-PVE Conquests and Battlegrounds; players can work on their rank and earn rewards from battles

The Bad
• Endgame Grinding – The late game (and even earlier) can be a real grind, with the same tedious weekly and daily quests, the same dungeon runs trying to get raid marks, content gets extremely repetitive with players having to complete it over and over as it takes so long to get what you need

• Pay to Play Content – Whether the premium cash only “Earrings” slot, locked gear (even inaccessible to subscribers) and other restrictions, the F2P game is a mindless grind or is impossible to be competitive without forking out some cash

• Generic – A lot of the content is very uninspired and feels like other popular MMORPGs of the time since it was released, but without the polish; whilst the graphics, features and general mechanics are all decent, that’s about it, they’re decent and far from innovative

• Broken Game Content – Too often new content that is released reaches players broken, particularly some key end-game bosses/raids that are rushed out with wonky broken mechanics

• PVP Is Unbalanced – Some of the Soul choices are extremely imbalanced and overpowered, especially some of the ranged classes which having been tweaked to stay competitive in PVE makes them truly unfair when in PVP and making melee Souls pointless to play

• Gear Pre-reqs – There’s way too many hurdles to jump over when trying to acquire/use some top items; with numerous resources needed, different currencies, notoriety from different factions; too much grind of different features is needed to use some gear

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