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Marvel Heroes (2016) is a free to play Action RPG set in the comic book multiverse of Marvel; battle your way through famous locales, stand side by side with the greatest heroes and go up against the most challenging villains. A few years on the clock now for this title we have to say that it still shows a lot of sticking power, but not everything is super in this MMO as we’re about to explore!


Over 50 Characters and Counting - There's a huge number of characters available to play as in the game, ranging from the most popular from the Marvel franchise particularly those in recent film releases (The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man) to some more obscure characters such as Squirrel Girl, Taskmaster, Nova and many more

Unique Character Powers - Each character has their own unique skill that truly represents them from their comic book and movie appearances, with each of the 50+ characters playing completely differently in combat and being fully customizable with multiple skill builds

Team-Ups - Take other companion Heroes into battle with you using the Team-Ups system, able to have some of the most powerful heroes as your own partner that you can customize and level up

Action Combat - The action element of this Action RPG is definitely not overlooked, combat is fast and explosive requiring positioning, timing and quick reflects to actively dodge incoming attacks

Gear and Costumes - Players can customize their characters with hundreds of items, weapons and armor, including crafting gear, as well as various cosmetic costumes allowing players to dress as their favourite heroes in their current, classic and various random outfits they've worn


PVP - It is just bad in every possible way. From its initial implementation it has been buggy and imbalanced and been off-putting to most PVP lovers, which has in turn lead to no one playing it, meaning it isn't a priority feature worth repairing

Losing David Brevik - The original creator of Blizzard's Diablo series and the Creative Director of Gazillion (the developers of Marvel Heroes) who was later promoted to be the President, COO and finally CEO of the company left in January to start up a new indie company; a huge loss for the game
Simple Bosses - Boss fights can be underwhelming where the complexity revolves more around stacking HP and sticking with fairly similar boss mechanics

Costumes Take Up Inventory Slots -The game is extremely taxing on the inventory with the number of crafting materials, collectables and different gear items; costumes are purely cosmetic (and many heroes have half a dozen) and should have their own wardrobe inventory stash

Unfortunate Focus on Pop Culture Characters - Whilst the Marvel movie franchise is exploding it does mean a huge part of the focus of the game goes to piggybacking on the success of those select few heroes and them seeing a lot more favouritism in terms of costumes and balances

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