Good and Bad Things About League of Legends


League of Legends is the biggest MOBA in the world, a free to play MMO where players duke it out in the Field of Justice in a classic three lane minion wave pushing team battle. As the game is the most popular within its genre, pulling in the most players, then there’s no doubt a lot of positive about the game, however, with more contenders appearing in the MOBA genre what kind of negative aspects has this highlighted with League of Legends?


Millions of Players – Undoubtedly the biggest MOBA, it has more than 30 million new accounts signing up every month, with over 100 million activate players stepping into the Fields of Justice each month… that’s as if the combined population of Australia, South Korea and North Korea were all logging on every month to play!

136 Playable Champions – Currently the game has an impressive 136 unique characters added into the game, covering a range of roles and specializations, there is something there to cover every style of play, with more Champions added every few weeks

Runes & Masteries – Two different ways to customize your preferred Champions, these systems allow players to level their Champions up and tweak them towards their own preferred way to play

Huge Number of Items – Players can further customize their Champion during a game, earning gold from getting the killing blow on enemies they spend this gold in a shop during the match to buy different items that improve and customize their Champion to have more synergy with their abilities, their allies and benefits against their enemies

Well Established eSports Scene – As consistently the game with the highest number of Twitch viewers League of Legends is a game people love watching, so much so that in eSports their 2016 World Championships had an impressive prize pool to players of $5,070,000 (although still only a quarter of DOTA2’s World Championship prize pool!)


Toxic Players – Whilst every game, and every community, has its share of elitists, trolls and toxicity, League of Legends has acquired quite the reputation for the general unfriendliness that can be found in game and on the forums (and rightly earned for the most part)

Single Primary Map – The main game mode is played on the three lane Summoner's Rift, with other MOBA releasing with multiple maps it highlights how tedious a single map game can be at times and each battle is the same fight over the same objective in the same location

Surrender Feature – If the majority of players on a team want to forfeit a match they feel they can’t win, then they can Surrender; unfortunately this often prompts players throwing in the towel suffering one or two bad plays that they feel they cannot come back from (rightly or wrongly), where sometimes even completing a game is extremely difficult

Gruelling Match Length – A forty five minute plus match isn’t uncommon and when booting up players need to be prepared to be in it for the long haul, which means for casual players you might only get a single game in; playing for the best part of an hour and losing a match feels like such a huge waste of time

Champion Expectations – In part due to long match lengths and a single primary map and mode players generally know how best to play each Champion and so when you are playing there is a high expectation to be fulfilling your role to its maximum potential, meaning constantly having 4 other players watching you and telling you what to do (often being hostile in the process if you’re doing it badly)

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**NOTE: The name of the "main" map is wrong. It's called Summoner's Rift.

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