Good and Bad Things About Forge of Empires

In Forge of Empires players battle across the ages to raise a mighty settlement, advancing their people and their understanding of technology, raising an army and fighting against other real world players. A browser based free to play strategy the game has both its pros and cons, let’s take a look at some of them now!


Long PVE Campaign – Players get to battle across a continent, conquering new territories through PVE and earning rewards that will also benefit them in other aspects of the game

Hex Combat – Combat is played upon a battlemap broken up into a hex map where players control their various units and move them strategically around the combat map in turn based combat trying to out manoeuvre the AI

Numerous Expansions and Events – Forge of Empires regularly sees new expansion that advance the tech eras, adding new units, buildings and features, and also sees a stream of events giving players the chance to earn new rewards

Great Buildings Feature – Players are able to work in co-op with guild members and friends to try and acquire blueprints to build great unique buildings that grant boosts to player’s settlements, with two available Great Buildings in each tech Age

Guilds vs Guild – Players compete in guilds against each other battling for contestable territory, with each Province assigned to a specific tech era where only the units from a particular era can battle in it


Pay To Win – To play competitively players have to spend Diamonds to keep up with all the other players that do the same, the game’s free to play element is only applicable to casual players, but wanting to dominate in the Guild v Guild feature or get highest individual score requires premium currency

Progression is Slow – Whilst there is no rush to level up, paying to progress means that players can skip the boring grind of the game that typically takes forever to actually get anywhere and is very slow and boring

AI Controlled PvP – There isn’t really any PVP where players fight in hex battlemaps against each other one on one, instead when fighting a players army the opponent’s units are AI controlled

Forced Tier Progression – The game is broken down into very linear progression stages, where players can’t get past certain PVE Campaign battles without specific units/techs, which brings up another issue…

Tech Bottlenecks – Although the technology tree seems to be expansive, and similar to the Sid Meier’s Civilization tech tree, allowing lots of routes through it; in reality players are often bottlenecked into having to pick up a specific tech and all the pre-reqs that lead up to it leading to linear low levels of customization

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