Good and Bad things about Copia

In Copia players must assemble their own team of heroes, discovering them as they explore a huge fantasy realm where they must fight the various evils that threaten it. With elements of team building strategy and RPG story, the game is a classic Asian RPG free to play browser title; but let’s check out the best and the worst of this new MMO.

The Good
• Free to Play – Players don’t have to spend a penny to access and play this game, with no up-front money commitment , the game provides premium advancement options
• Four Available Classes – Choose from four different classes to determine the basis of your teams strategy, recruiting complementary companions from a variety of heroes and define your own strategy
• Trade Out Characters – Combat in the game is divided up into different waves of enemies, after each wave players are able to switch out wounded companions and bring in new ones, allowing the injured hero to heal up and join back in the battle at a later stage
• Elemental System – Every hero is assigned one of four elements: Fire, Wind, Water or Earth; each element is more powerful than one other element, and also weak to another. The rock-paper-scissors system adds an extra layer of strategy to both combat and utilizing the character switching system
• No AFK Boss Fights – Whilst AFK combat is enabled in the game for players, when facing off against Boss enemies players have to manually take part in the battle and defeat the bosses through their own strategy and skill

The Bad
• Presumed Knowledge – Copia doesn’t do too great a job explaining to new players what various mechanics do, particularly with the classes and what each classes individual strengths or weaknesses are, presuming players are already familiar with these concepts or have experience with similar games
• Poor Graphics – Whether the dated graphics or clunky animations, the game just looks old and would be what we’d expect of a ten years old RPG. Furthermore the graphical elements used to create the instanced area maps appear to be ripped off directly from World of Warcraft’s own region maps.
• Boring Story – The RPG element is weak and there is very little focus on actually delivering an interesting and engaging story; instead it follows every classic rehashed trope we’ve seen in a lot of other Asian RPGs and seem more concerned just getting players to max level to PVP with each other
• Formation Restrictions – Although there’s plenty of companion characters to recruit, there’s too much overlap due to certain classes only being able to place on certain lines on the group formation, which dramatically restricts options when it comes to team composition
• Grindy Click-fest – With many of the systems being automated and AFK oriented, and the levelling progression system no more advanced then clicking different buttons to use up resources, the actual gameplay is fairly mindless and tedious completely lacking in any meaningful player involvement

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