Good and Bad Things About Atlas Reactor


In Atlas Reactor players will experience 4v4 team co-op PVP matches using a roster of futuristic Freelancer mercenaries, each with unique abilities the game offers a wealth of intriguing strategy where players will have to choose their actions but also try to work out what their opponent will do at the same time. So will this particular reactor be on overdrive, or will it blow? Let's find out!


Concurrent Turns - A round of combat happens at the same time for all players, each choosing what actions they wish to perform; different types of actions take place in a set order during the turn, so players need to not only try to make their attacks where they think their opponent will be next, but also second guess their opponent to not be where they expect them to be

Co-op Gameplay - Players work together on a team of four, communicating with each other enables to excellent team synergy where individual character abilities combine well with each other, creating a higher level of strategy

26 Modifiable Feelancers - With 26 characters to play, each with their own unique abilities, these characters can be further customized with a variety of modifications to hone in a characters play style to match that of a player

Completely Free to Play Option - More recently the game switch to an F2P model and players can now acquire "Flux" currency through playing, which allows them to purchase new characters, skins and mods, which would previously require them to spend real cash or only use Freelancers on free rotation

Bluffing - As turns happen at the same time, and players only have a set amount of time to choose what they want to do, players really can try to bluff their opponent with what actions they will do next; feigning a particular strategy to get the upper hand, it is a strategy where players really must out-think each other


F2P Accounts Can Be a Hindrance - For many different reasons, but primarily down to F2P players not having access to the full character roster unlike paying players; as F2P and Premium players are still teamed up it might mean that an F2P player doesn't have access to a particular character and so can get the game off to a bad start with a bad competitive draft

Poor Advertising - Oddly Atlas Reactor, for all that is great about it, just doesn't seem to be one of those games that gets talked about or seen promoted much, the marketing on the title seems almost non-existent at times and many gamers just haven't heard of it

Generic Maps - In the game the small handful of maps that players have access to just don't really feel all that different, with no unique elements or mechanics to each map, just a different layout of cover and different graphical environments

Limited Modes - Primarily the game focuses on 4v4 battles with the objective of getting 5 enemy kills or the most kills before the timer is up, there are some custom game options to change certain settings, but primarily (other than a recently added "Extraction" mode) Atlas Reactor only has one game mode which can get a little stale

Short Turn Timer - More so for new players, the twenty seconds you have between turns to choose what you want to do, weight up the battlefield, coordinate with allies, and work out what each enemy might be doing next.. it's a lot to take in and a lot to think about for newbies

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