Good and Bad Things About Armored Warfare

In Armored Warfare players take on the role of tank commanders battling it out for three different factions in the modern world. Able to hire and customize various tanks players battle through PVE mission coops or team based PVP. A dwindling title that seems to have reach its peak popularity already, let’s find out why people still play and what it is that has made people leave…


CryEngine Graphics – The engine used for the game has allowed some fantastic and realistic graphics, beautifully designed vehicles and battlefields, as well as exceptional physics and animation effects have helped delivered a great looking game

Modern Theme – Taking a different direction instead of another WW2 themed gamed, the story and environments are from a near future, and the tanks players get to play are from the 1950s onwards, including various near future technology options

Lots of Vehicles – Divided amongst the three main factions, players must gain reputation through missions to climb up each arms “Dealers” tech tree to unlock the dozens of available tanks broken up into five key classes that each have their own play style

Customizable Tanks – Using various crew options, consumables, ammo and components to be retrofitted, the tanks in the game can be customized even further to give players full control over how they want their vehicle to perform

Global Operations – The newest PVP mode that has two teams fighting to capture ever shifting locations, complete secondary objective, battle neutral AI enemies and react to the dynamic battlefield that comes complete with weather conditions


Bad Development Cycle – The game started off promising under Obsidian Entertainment, but when it was taken from their hands by developers, the whole game shifted leaving a large portion of the player base feeling that the new developers no longer listened to the changes that needed to be made and very much separated the community

Too Few Game Modes – PVE has various missions across specific maps, standard PVP is a team death match with base capture objectives, and then there’s Global Operations (which many players in the US struggle to even get into a match)

Dying Population – More specific to EU outside of the CIS territories (e.g. Russia) and prominently in the North American servers, the population is dying out and it is increasingly difficult to get a 30 man PVP game going

Player Restrictions – Due to the low population of players it now means that players are force to play PVE a lot of the time, or during a smaller window of peak hours, and forced onto specific tiers of tanks if they want to play

Too Similar to World of Tanks – The early development cycle looked like the game was going in a different direction, as far from World of Tanks as possible, with promised and proposed features from as early as Alpha making the game sound different. Unfortunately when the development team shifted so did the focus, and trying to create World of Tanks 2.0 was the (failed) focus

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