Good and Bad Things About Aion

Aion is NCSoft’s leading fantasy MMORPG in which players duke it out as two opposing factions, the demonic Asmodian or the angel-like Elyos. A feature packed MMO players can engage in extensive PVE, dungeons, crafting, housing, exploration, quests, PVP and more. One of the more popular MMOs on the market let’s see both sides of the title…


Flying – In the game every player earns their wings early on, more than the aesthetics seen in other RPGs, these wings allow players to fly around in order to travel, explore and even engage in combat!

World Building – The game’s world design is fantastic and with a little exploration players can discover some truly wonderful locations; whichever region you are questing in the environment really helps set the ambient tone

In-Depth Character Creation – Players have access to a bunch of slider, colour pickers and options when creating their character, allowing them to make the intriguing, beautiful and comically grotesque if they wish

Lowered Grind – The journey up to level 70 has been made considerably easier than it used to be, casting off the “typical Korean Grinder” label that was given to Aion for so long, players will have an easier (and more fun) time levelling up

PVP Focus – There’s plenty of options for PVP, with Arena and World PVP available, the battle between the two factions envelops the entire game and most elements revolve around PVP; other than a few “safe zones” it’s very hard to avoid PVP


Dated – Whether the aging graphics, older systems and clunky features, it doesn’t matter how many updates or attempts at touch-ups the game sees, after nine years Aion is really starting to look and feel its age and shows classic signs of being an MMORPG from a previous generation

Can’t Avoid PVP – As there’s no PVP toggle for World PVP it does mean that even players who just want to engage in PVE, crafting and resource gathering, just can’t get a break from the roaming PKers looking for a kill; this can be pretty off-putting for a lot of people

Failed Enchanting - With the ability to enchant gear over and over and increase its stats, it isn’t without the risk of the entire item being destroyed on a fail, which means players can lose in an instant gear that they have spent hours, days and weeks acquiring or even items they’ve bought with real cash

Tab-Targeting – A more defining “dated mechanic” is the tab-targeting system in combat, which really needs to give way to the more action combat with reticule aiming that we see in more modern games and requires more mechanical skill

Pay To Win – The cash shop provides players will all they need to get, and stay ahead; it’s practically impossible to catch up as a new player to the “wallet warriors” or even keep up with them as a veteran player; there is a big gap at the top between the “best” players and it rarely has anything to do with player skill…

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