Golden Age has received new features

Aeria Games, has added new features to its popular browser-based MMORTS Golden Age. Along with this new feature update, Aeria Games has also launched a completely new server for Golden Age, called “Bloodlust.

Additional features in this update to Golden Age include:

· New Kingdom Chat: Players can now talk with their alliance members; global chat, private chat, and now kingdom chat (larger alliance made up of alliances).
· Fortification System Update: New charms to help add special properties to hero gear items will be implemented.
·“Rain Clouds Go Away” Event: A quirky in-game event where ominous rain clouds have invaded Golden Age and must be repelled by collecting rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats to make Spring time flowers.

Players currently are able to participate in our live testing of the new “Battlefield Tournament” system that allows alliance vs. alliance combat during this update, which should be fully released in the near future.

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