GodsWar’s second anniversary gifts include an iPhone 4

It's been a long journey that started in November of 2008, when IGG officially launched the Alpha Test. With these devoted fans leading the way, Gods War went into Closed Beta at 11:00am on March 20th 2009 EDT(GMT-4). Finally IGG had a game ready to meet the general public and on April 9th,2009 EDT(GMT-4), the Open Beta was released and quickly gathered up millions of players. Currently, they have got up to 28 servers in total in Europe, the USA and on Facebook.
To show their appreciation for their players continued support, on November, 2010-GodsWar's 2nd Anniversary, they will be offering players an array of fantastic prizes. Anyone who has made it to Level 100 or higher will get the chance to take part in a sure-win lucky draw that features lots of amazing prizes. Plus they'll be making one wicked cool iPhone 4 available for one wicked lucky player!

Check here all you need to know about GodsWar Online. And visit its official website.

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