GodsWar: version 2.0 comes online

GodsWar Online Version 2.0 has been released. With new features, gear, and event surprises, the new version gives ancient Greek combatants plenty of fresh content to explore and new challenges to conquer.
Character Makeover
All characters received a makeover in version 2.0. With higher-quality graphics and sharper details, they all look better than ever. If looks could kill, these character upgrades would be all you need.
New Mount System
Players no longer have to travel on foot from one end of a map to the other throughout their careers. Veteran Greek heroes level 40 and above can now saddle up on their favorite mount and head off into the sunset ... or seek out their next battle.
New 3D Perspective
This camera feature will be introduced in certain areas, including the main cities, the suburbs and the Pindus Mountains. Players must turn it on manually and will then be able to change their perspective using the arrow keys on their keyboard.
New Equipment
Legendary and Mythical grades of equipment have been introduced to push the upper boundaries of GWO hardware. Better looking gear is all well and good, but sometimes you just need it to better, period.
Level Cap Upgrade
The level cap for characters has been increased to 130. With 10 more levels to improve your character, now you can reach new heights of skill and power.
Fun Events
To accommodate the increased player load expected with the new version, GWO now has two new servers: Heracles for the US zone and Pisces for the European zone. Five Surprises are waiting for players on the new servers to celebrate their grand openings. 


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