GodsWar Online shows its mount system

Since the Mount System galloped its way into GodsWar Online, several stylish rides have been seen with some lucky players on their backs. The GodsWar team talks us about the four-legged companions introduced thus far. But they have plans to expand the lineup of mounts further down the road.


The Brutish Boar
Sharp eyesight, shining tusks and a stout figure. With its thick neck, sharp tusks and penchant for ramming anything even remotely threatening, its safe to say that this is one of the most powerful mounts discovered so far.
Nemean Wolf
Their coiled muscle anticipates attacks at any time, and they are always ready for a tussle. Although smaller in stature than most of the other mounts, don't think this savage beast is a pushover...it may be the last thing you do.
X'mas Reindeer
With its fire engine red hide contrasted against the bright green grass, one can't help be feel holly jolly when it comes 'round. However, if you're being naughty, it will take all the 'merry' out of your Christmas, and every other day too.


Mount Boosting
Mount Boosting is a unique feature of the GW Mount System. All players have to do is try to collect a set of the materials required for the mount boost, which can be accessed via monster drops, trading, or from the relevant NPCs.

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