GodsWar Online: New Version 2.2.000 Preview

Since its release, GodsWar Online Version 2.0 has been overwhelmingly well received from both veteran and new players alike. Read on and check out the latest additions for the game’s enthusiastic community.

Are You Boar-ed?
There’s a brand new mount to help players on their travels: the Boar. Veteran Greek Heroes can now saddle up on their fierce-looking yet loyal mount and head off into the sunset! The best Mount Feeders are available to upgrade your mount. Visit them in the main city squares. Just make sure you prepare a sufficient amount of materials, and leave the rest in their capable hands. An upgrade can increase your mount’s speed by up to 25%.

What’s Your Wish?
Poseidon and Apollo are waiting for you at the Wishing Pool, ready to grant wishes to the truly pious. A Level 50 player can make up to 10 wishes per day, with a minimum interval of 5 minutes between wishes. The prize arrangements have also been improved, and will now double every time your wish is granted. Just don’t take it for granted that your wish will be granted every time.


Easier Accessibility to Zeus’ Gifts
The difficulty level of the Zeus’ Gift event has been significantly lowered due to the scarcity of nectar (since it is reserved for the gods). From now on, 10 Level 1 Crystals can be used in place of the wine needed for Zeus’ Gift. The weekend portion of the event has been given a few added perks as well, but it all depends on your luck. Players can spend Dusts to roll a number, and those players who hit the lucky number will win some very nice items.

Offline Prizes Increased
Offline prizes have been introduced for Level 60+ players. Those absent from the game for 24+ hours will earn a certain amount of prizes, including EXP, Talent or Zodiac energy. The longer a Level 60+ player stays offline, the more prizes they can earn.

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