GodsWar Online: Lelantine

The Lelantine Farm Instance was released last week with the newly updated version of GodsWar Online. The focus is on determining which of the two factions has the muscle to accumulate the most points by killing the nasty dogs that have overrun the island before the clock winds down. Here are a few highlights.

No I in Team
Remember that this is the first instance in GodsWar where PvP is strictly prohibited. Whichever faction can come up with the best score will be declared the winning team.
Keep in mind that a good way to win the team extra points is to kill the boss character, the Hell Bulldog. Killing this bulldog will add 1000 points to the scoreboard, but there is only one, so be sure that it is your team that gets it. Moreover, for killing the enemy boss, all members of the team will receive a dazzling title and recognition from the community. 

Capture a Loyal Puppy
Another highlight is the Loyal Puppy Reward. Loyal Puppies are set loose at the start of the instance, and they can be captured on the farm using capturing tools. Once a loyal puppy is captured, a loyal puppy egg will automatically be placed in the backpack. The reward will be distributed based on the rank of the puppy traded.

Skill Advancement for Pets
Last but not least, in Lelantine, there is a good chance for players to uncover Level 2 and Level 3 skill books for pets after defeating elite monsters and the enemy boss. It is a great way to make your pet stronger, and in turn, boost the core strength of your team. You can’t lose by participating. Besides, you won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

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