Gods&Heroes acquired by Heatwave

Heatwave Interactive announced today the acquisition of the intellectual property rights and all assets for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, the highly anticipated Roman mythology themed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. As part of the transaction with PlayGrid, Heatwave also obtained a source code license to the PlayGrid Platform, their online game publishing technology as well as acquiring two game development engines.

The newly acquired game engines, previously developed by Perpetual Entertainment for in-development titles Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising and Star Trek Online, will serve as the technology foundation for Heatwave’s planned roster of MMOs.

“The Perpetual team built high quality engines and a very robust and easy-to-use platform. Through this transaction with PlayGrid we secure all the necessary components needed to not only complete this game but also to operate our entire portfolio of online games on one platform,” said Donn Clendenon, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Heatwave Interactive. “This world-class online platform technology will allow us to reduce both development costs and time to market.”

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a full scale action adventure MMO that immerses the audience in Roman mythology. Players step into a hero’s sandals to battle monsters and command minions while seeking favor from the gods.

“We at PlayGrid are thrilled to see Rome rise again with the Heatwave team,” said Chris McKibbin, co-founder, PlayGrid, and former president, Perpetual Entertainment. “Gods and Heroes was designed for both core and casual MMO players alike and Heatwave is one of the few studios with the talent and experience to fulfill this vision while delivering a final version that will fit with what today’s gamers are looking for. We are also thrilled that Heatwave has chosen to license the PlayGrid Platform to solve their game operating needs.

Visit the official website of Gods&Heroes: Rome Rising.

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