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Goddess of War

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GAME TYPE: Free to play Action RPG MMO
PLATFORMS: Web browser


Goddess of War is a classic free to play role-playing game with action-based combat where players head out on an epic quest to uncover the origins and story of their main character, as players increase their level within the game they will gain access to other features more traditional to an MMO where they can engage in PVP battles or work alongside other players in team based PvE content. As a browser-based game Goddess of War does not require any type of client to download and players are free to play it through their preferred web browser.


  • Play as the Paladin or the Swordsman class

  • Recruit powerful companion Heroes from gods and champions

  • Upgrade both your own and your companions gear

  • Action-packed combat in extensive PVE and PVP content

  • Browser-based gameplay

  • Completely free to play


A battle has raged on for generations between the gods of the Protoss and the demons of the Asmodian, a war that has scarred and consumed the world itself ever since the primary God of creation disappeared. Almost seeing defeat the Protoss were eventually aided by the humans, particularly the soldiers from the Empire, and now one such soldier rises from the ranks and as they fight this ancient evil they will slowly uncover the truth behind their own origins and their importance in the battle of evil versus good.


Goddess of War primarily plays like any typical role-playing game with players assuming the role of a main character that they must work towards levelling up, equipping with powerful gear and recruiting various companion characters that will join their team. The main bulk of the early game content is the story driven quest line that will teach players mechanics and reward them with XP, currency and items.

Towards the later game players will unlock more features that will enhance their PVP and PVE content, with challenging dungeons and Arena battles that can yield even greater rewards to help improve a character.


Players will begin by choosing between one of two characters, the Paladin who focuses on defensive combat or the Swordsman who forgoes defences to be an all-out offensive melee fighter. Regardless of the character chosen the storyline will remain the same, but on their journey players will be introduced to a wide selection of other characters that they are able to recruit as companions to join their team. These companions take on the form of gods, heroes and champions, many from western mythology and even modern day religion with the likes of Archangel Gabriel playing a main role in the battle against Satan, but accompanied with such characters as Hercules and other non-historic/mythological figures that are central to the game’s plot.


Ultimately all players will focus on increasing their Battle Power, with a variety of ways to increase this value that signifies how strong the character and their currently assembled Team are in battle, with various ways to increase it:

Character - first and foremost the players own character will play a key role in their Battle Power, everything from their level and their skills that they acquire will make them stronger

Heroes - each Hero companion has stats and abilities that will make them ideal allies in battle, similar to the players own character each Hero can be levelled up independently

Gear - all characters, including companions, can be equipped with powerful items, weapons and armour that can be upgraded using the in game features; similarly players can also acquire a mount that can both be ridden and upgraded to make them stronger


The game is very combat-focused with explosive and dynamic battles where players and their assembled team can go up against dozens of enemies at a time unleashing powerful attacks. There are a wide selection of challenging PVE features that activate daily at set times encouraging the players to keep playing, such as the Elite Instance that is a single player events where they are able to challenge different Bosses and obtain designed schematics to forge their own equipment. There is also a wide selection of PVP features ranging from solo one-on-one duels in the Arena or even team-based battles in the Guild Wars.


Internet browser


Website: Goddess of War

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