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Northworks GmbH


Internet browser


GoalUnited is a browser game in which the player is tasked to manage an entire football team. The player needs to manage all the aspects of the team such as football players, buy and sell the players, build and manage the new stadium and so on.


The manager selects the team and determines player positions, organizes the training sessions, and can even extend the stadium. Picking the right staff is also vital: doctors treat injuries, financial consultants reduce interest, trainers improve players' fitness, and PR managers improve the club's reputation.

Every league consists of 10 teams. In the league layers 1-6 the 2 best teams of each league will participate in play-offs with their neighboring league to get promoted to the next league. In the lower league layers 7-20 the 3 best teams of a given league get promoted without playing a playoff. The teams below the red line will be relegated to a lower league after the season concludes.

First, have a look at your players, who will hopefully bring success to your club. Your squad is composed by 19 players. Every player has different skill values and abilities.

Training has a big influence on the long-term-development of your players and your team. Therefore, you should put some thought in your training settings. You can choose which abilities of your players you want to train, and also with how much intensity.

You can spend a good amount of time here to find the best formation for your squad. You'll find yourself testing several variants of formations against a given opponent and his tactic, until you find one that's promising. Generally, you are able to define an individual formation and tactic for any given match, or just fall back on your standard setup, which is automatically chosen any time you do not set up an individual formation

Your players, stadium and staff have to be funded, and need to be paid every week. To avoid getting in debt, you should check your income sources regularly. A major income source are sponsors, which give you money every week as a base payment and additionally for winning a league match.

Apart from your sponsors, the ticket sales at home matches are another important income. Depending on the stadium type, the “Comfort” of the stadium, the “Condition” of the stadium and the charged “Ticket prices” many or few visitors come to your matches. To improve your income, you have to keep your stadium in good condition, raise comfort or build additional seats to accomodate for the needs of your fans.

Transfer market
Step by step you've now established a solid foundation - but sooner or later you will decide to add to your strength by aquiring new players. Since your squad maximum is 25 players and you start with 19 players, you still have some room to add to your team via the transfer market.


For just a few dollars a month, premium customers can enjoy a few extras. These include friend lists, detailed statistics, team logos, player jerseys, a professional search function and savable training variants.


Internet connection

Website: GoalUnited

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3 Comentarios de GoalUnited

  1. Steve

    Anyone thinking of playing thsi game..don’t!

    The game constanly runs slow and any time then try to introduce an update all it does is add more bugs than before.

    If you have a problem with the game and try to ask cutomer support for help…good luck. You might get a reply but if you do you won’t really get much help…I don’t think they understand the concept of customer service.

    Also the only way to progress in this game is totally reliant on you buying credits and without these you have no way of competing with other players who do.

  2. christos mavroudis

    i love this game,,,,,i just start to play and is very easy and very real…………

  3. ArchStorm

    just garbage full of f turkish garbage .. they have better prices for less quality plaers and and when you will be still succesful dev m otherfuckers just do shit to you like lower value of all your players.. realy avoid this shit

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