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In the MMORPG Glory of Gods players will band together to fight monsters and demons in a stunning fantasy action-based MMORPG. Choose a class and explore dangerous dungeons, fight against formidable enemies, compete against other players and delve into a vast world full of epic adventures.

Once the demons invaded the continent of Masure, and ancient dragons joined the humans and the fairies, giving them divine powers and helping them to forge an alliance to fight back the demonic invaders. Although they succeeded in defeating the demonic armies, the nations of Rophenk and Amora believed that they have the right to claim the world as his own, and after failing in their attempt to subjugate the world, they were exiled to the continent of Devil’s Carlo.

Unfortunately, in Devil’s Carlo they found the imprisoned Lord demon Gorena, and in exchange for his demonic armies they agreed to release him. Now, once more the continent Masure is threatened by a new threat.


  • Action MMORPG inhabited by gods and demons

  • A beautiful and vast world to explore

  • 4 different classes to choose from

  • Explore dangerous dungeons and fight against fearsome enemies

  • Fight in exciting PvP battles


In Glory of Gods you can choose 4 different classes:

  • Priest: The faithful priests are endowed with the ability to cure and heal their teammates.

  • Mage: Able to control forces of the universe, whether physical strength is lacking their elemental destruction is unmatched

  • Rogue: Agile and stealthy killers, able to hide in the shadows and launch devastating attacks.

  • Warrior: Gifted with a divine strength, the warriors are great protectors who are always at the forefront of any battle.


When progressing through the game players will aquire a "soul" that will act as guardian companions, manifesting itself in combat and fighting at the side of the players and providing different boosts to their characters.

There are 16 different souls that are divided into four different categories, and each of them has its own appearance and fighting style; you can also level them level and equip them with soul specific gear and items.


Team up with other players and explore dangerous dungeons inhabited by terrifying monsters. Use your skills and strategy to defeat them and battle your way through damned caves and profane crypts in search of glory, treasures and rewards.


Players have access to arena PVP battles where players can try to hone their skills and show off their tactics and abilities. are matched up against each other using their PVP points value. Matches have a duration of 10 minutes, in which the winner will increase their PVP points value. At the end of each week the top 20 fighters in the arena are able to join the weekend finals, where after a tournament a Arena Champion is declared and showered with titles and gold.

Players can also participate in exciting Guild Wars, (provided if they are members of a Guild) in which a defending team must protect the Prince of his Guild from the attacking team. If after 30 minutes the Prince is still alive the defending team will be the winner, whereas if he is killed by the attacking team then they are declared the winners.


Whilst the game is completely free to play players have the chance of paying for VIP cards, which consist of a Weekly VIP Card (10 days), Monthly VIP Card (30 days) and a Six Month VIP Card (180 days). VIPs are marked in game when they speak in channels, with a colour that represents what level of VIP they are, but more importantly offers a number of different boosts, bonuses and benefits including using runes of town portal, free crystals every day, extra XP when off-line, a remote store, extra battlefield honour and much, much more. The % bonus that a player will receive increases depending on the level of VIP Card they have purchased.




Website: Glory of Gods

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