Global Agenda: a new content update will arrive

HI-Rez is going to extend the free-play period for Global Agenda Conquest while continuing to deliver features and content enhancements. "We feel this is the best way to prove to you the value of a Global Agenda Conquest subscription", they have said. All players will continue to be able to play the Conquest features for the rest of February and March without a monthly subscription fee.

In the very near future, here are some additional enhancements and improvements you can expect:


They currently plan to have the following items in production by the end of February:

Friend List/Ignore List
Steam has a Friends List, and we offer Agency Management as an alternate way to find your friends, but an in-game Friends List (and Ignore List) was a high requested feature that is being added.

Player Choice on PvP Queues
For initial release we consolidated gametypes within a single PvP queue. With no guarantee around number of players we would have, our top priority was to ensure the players got into matches quickly and to make sure our matchmaking system had a sufficiently large population to balance out sides. That said, we’ve heard how much players want to specify, or eliminate, certain match types. And we do have the population to support this request. So, we will be implementing player selections per PvP gametype so you can exclude or include each type as you wish.

Repair Kits
Non-visual Upgrades (of the Armor or Weapon variety) do increase stats for your character. And by the time you collect 16 of them they make a big difference.
They also take time to craft and/or buy and, after all that time invested, having them wear away without any recourse was frustrating. Repair Kits are a new item type that will be available in-game and restore your Upgrades to full durability.

Additional AvA zones and AvA Reporting
We are introducing new AvA zones to support play during hours more convenient for those in other locales. We are adding:

· Zone 6; Oceania/Australia - 19:00 to 21:30 in Sydney, 16:00 to 18:30p in Singapore (3a to 5:30a US Eastern, Midnight to 2:30 US Pacific) [NOTE: Initially, will run on servers hosted in the US but be geared toward an Oceanic audience, or for night owls on the US West Coast].

· Zone 8; Europe - 14:00 to 16:30 GMT (9a to 11:30a Eastern)


The entire Studio is focused on continued feature and content development for Conquest gameplay, including:

More PvP Content
New maps around a 4v4 arena gamestyle as well as a 10v10 pre-made queue.

More PvE Content
We’ve been pleased by the positive reception to our ‘dungeon-crawl’ style Infiltration PvE missions. That said, we want to offer additional variety both in setting and mission type. Imagine being able to step outside of the doors of Dome City and assist Bancroft by doing missions within a large open area, with additional loot available in that location. We are working toward delivering this content.

More AvA Content
New facility types and new game-styles for Conquest. Specifically we are developing a new ‘No Facility’ map based on Control style, a new Defensive Facility that grants protection to adjacent territories, and Resource Raid Missions based on Payload style. We also recognize that some of the game-board rules need to be looked at; we will continue to monitor those to ensure that AvA maintains the right balance between accessibility and significance.

Improved Crafting
Loot and Prestige Items.

Read here all you need to know about Global Agenda.

Visit through this link the official website of Global Agenda.

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