Global Adventures Soon Launching

Suba Games’ kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Global Adventures has been overfunded by 500%. Designed as an alternative to cookie cutter free to play MMO, Global Adventures is a rarebreed isometric view MMO that captures the style of Diablo but incorporates the humorous Borderlands’ style of storytelling.

Prior to Global Adventures, Suba Games’ team have completed two hugely successful Kickstarters. “We’ll be pushing even harder to bring you the best of our vision without compromise.” says Suba Games team.

In Global Adventures, you quickly find yourself embarking on a grand, historic journey right after joining the Treasure Hunters Association (the T.H.A.). Your adventure truly begins as you head out to explore the mystical Mayan ruins. However, life as a THA rookie takes a dangerous turn as you unravel the mysteries of World History and evil factions, such as the Black Flag gang, threaten to eliminate the THA!

During your journey, you will encounter several enemies of the THA – including the Black Flag Gang, Shinobi Cabal (a ninja group that wants to build an undead army), and The Priory (a secret order that seems to have a sinister plan).

Face off against zombies, vampires, reincarnations of ancient gods, and much more as you journey across continents: Uncover hidden facts about the Mayan King and the fall of the Mayan civilization; unveil the secrets of the Pharaohs – and the strife that resulted from conflicting religious practices in Ancient Egypt; and investigate the relationship between Emperor Qin and the wealthiest woman in the dynasty!

Perks of kickstarter campaign include many kickstarter exclusive items.

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