Giveaway: Gift Packs for Conquer Online

Today, we're teaming up with NetDragon, publisher of Conquer Online, to celebrate the release of the game's latest expansion "Jing Hu" and offer you exclusive gift packs.

With the new expansion Jiang Hu now available, players may now join a new PVP world and experience a unique chaotic age in Conquer Online. The game has a straightforward combat-focused play style, incorporating common elements of many MMORPGs such as wealth, fame and character development. Its combat is fast paced and fluid, offering a myriad of PvP options.

The gift packs include:
- Glorious EXP Pack
(can be opened 7 times in 7 days to get 7 Exp Balls, 7 Double Exp Potions and a small Praying Stone)

- Glorious Support Pack
(can be opened 7 times in 7 days to get a Meteor Scrolls and a +2 Stone each time)

- Glorious Gear Pack:
(can be opened to get a whole set of Level 70 super +1 gear)

Event Rules:
1. Event Duration: 25th July, 2013 – 24th August, 2013 (PDT)
2. One gift code per account per IP.
3. Only for the new players who have successfully registered during the event.

This giveaway is only for new players who have successfully registered during the event. if you are a new player and cannot claim the gift pack, go to the NetDragon's service center or contact them via

Conquer Onlune -JiangHu Gift Pack Giveaway

Follow these instructions to get your exclusive Conquer Online gift pack:

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below, check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Sign up for free on our Conquer Online Event Page.

Step 4. Download the game and log in to create a new character.

Step 5. Come back to the Conquer Online Event Page, submit your character info and your gift code to claim your gift pack.

Step 6. Log into the game and grab the gift packs from the Prize Officer (Market 185, 170). You can easily open up the "Path Finding" menu, choose "Others" and then click on the "Prize Officer", the auto path system will lead you there automatically.

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  1. Pedro

    I opened the pack and it said it has expired.Didnt get nothing!

  2. Aleksei

    Why it expired … didn’t get nothing.. :S

  3. nathan


  4. nathan


  5. nathan


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