Giveaway: Free Star Rider memberships in Star Stable

Publisher World of Horsecraft AB is partening with and to give away a total of 2,500 Free 10 days Star Rider memberships in Star Stable. Each code has a value of 2.50 €.

Star Stable is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG that allows players to create their own horse to ride and race and compete against other players.

Remember that we invite all our users to send us screenshots, videos, or whatever you want in relation with the promotion and we will publish it. You can send it here.

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  • Step 1. Follow us on Google+:

    and Facebook:

  • Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

  • Step 3. Register at StarStable.

  • Step 4. Log in to your account and go to 'My Account'.

  • Step 5. Click on 'Use a Redeem Code'.

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353 Comentarios de Giveaway: Free Star Rider memberships in Star Stable

  1. alma

    i do to please sc :3

  2. Sara


  3. Lucia

    Star coins please! 🙂

  4. april


  5. Holly

    Why is that thing there saying that my emails format doesn’t work, or something? Why Gmail doesn’t work?

  6. mariella

    code does not work

  7. Kaja

    star rider please 🙂

  8. Kristina

    I also did not work.

  9. mariella

    can you please do star coins codes?

  10. Sandra

    Star rider? c’:

  11. Emily starforest

    STAR STABLE BEST GAME EVA!!!!!!!! i was like non star rider for half a year and now it has been a year ive been playing
    only geeks play i tell u XD

  12. Emily starforest

    Guys everything works as well, star stable is a giant 3d world, full of quests and places to discover!!! don’t just become star rider the first time u play that just stupid! Wait until your level four. u know this site is probably a rip off and someone used the code already u can use it once

  13. Adison

    plis star rider plis

  14. Adison


  15. Adison


  16. Gabi

    Do you have code for star coins??

  17. dsfdgfhgjkl


  18. Daniela Mysterylord

    Ahoj lidi má někdo cheat na modry peníze?
    🙂 😀 X-D

  19. Rachel

    Ok I will get started

  20. Rachel

    Too late darn I need totalk to that girl on Facebook
    Maybe she knows wht to do

  21. COOKIE


  22. HorseCrazy!

    😮 i cant bieleve people are actully thinking this works 😮 its a rip off and if star stable catches you doing any hacks of cheats you could be suspended or banned permentley so don’t use hacks or cheats and don’t use codes from people cause there most likly already used please takes this as a note for info and not offensive 🙂

  23. YAAAYY

    Woww it really works!
    Star Coins giveaway, please

  24. Nadine

    I just llllooovvveee StarStable!!!!!!! IT IS SO MUCH FUUUN!!!!IT WOULD BE ALOT MORE FUNNER IF I HAD A MEMBERSHIP!!!!

  25. Michalina Świeca

    star stable rzadzi:DDD

  26. Oliwia Piotrowska

    Star stable rządzi !

  27. Nikki

    i would like a star rider in the game star stables!

  28. Nikki

    star rider!

  29. AMT


  30. maria

    please give me a code that can use i am not a star rider please i want to be

  31. Zoe

    I hope this works :3

  32. Jenna


  33. Chelsi


  34. Chelsi

    Star stable code please

  35. manon

    hee waar moet je e-mail invullen?

  36. Claira Valenix

    I would really appreciate a 10 day free membership. I am currently looking for a job due to moving so I do not have any money to spare at the present time. Thank you.

  37. HorseCrazy!

    Ok everyone this is not a rip off i think as of today this code works its HAPPYPIXIE10 all capitals and together its for 10 days of star rider member ship me and a few of my friends used it and it worked so please use it while it will works, btw i think u can get to level 12 if yur level 6 cause i went from level 6 and right now im level 9 i still got like 7 days left and if anyone knows any reedem codes please give them to me on face book my name is brianna sellers 🙂

  38. mariella

    star coins please!!

  39. AAAAA

    WHAT crap! NO MORE!!!!!!!

  40. barbara shyfall


  41. Freya

    I really want to be a star rider but I dont want to pay with money… Anyone has a code for free star rider?:)

  42. marine

    je sais pas comment avoire un code pour star stable sans payer

  43. Hannah

    This is so coool

  44. cassidy

    plz i really want free star rider memebership

  45. cassidy

    plz hurry i really want yo be a star rider and fast

  46. jessica

    my email is

  47. jessica

  48. hristina

    please 690 star coins i needen pl give me some i needed 690 for one horse i like to buy

  49. hristina

    i have redeem code its HAPPYPIXIE10 give to you 10 free days star rider

  50. hristina

    pl.. star coins pl 🙂

  51. hristina

    690 i needed

  52. hristina

    give to me some star coins please please

  53. Alicia

    0 keys left 🙁

  54. agata hawkdawn

    chciałabym star ridra

  55. agata hawkdawn


  56. agata hawkdawn


  57. agata hawkdawn

    please week star rider

  58. star stable lover

    I can`t do step 2. How do i do it? Does anyone know a redeem code that is not HAPPYPIXIE10?

  59. ally

    can anyone tell me a code that get’s you 990 star coins?

  60. hfgn


  61. hfgn


  62. thuriya

    plz i wana be a star rider

  63. thuriya

  64. Kitty

    Does anyone know how to hack SSO so you could type in more than one code? Cause if you try another it just says: Code can’t be used by you. Any way to get around that?

  65. Sarah


  66. thuriya now make me star rider

  67. maria

  68. .


  69. Lorna

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe this site needs
    a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the information!

  70. Roksi

    jaki kod?

  71. Roksi

  72. Roksi


  73. Roksi

  74. ZoeyDiamondbear

    Here are 2 redeem code 😉

    HAPPYPIXIE1O = 10 day star rider

    SWAPIT10 = 100 sc

    Hope this helped! x They both work 😀

  75. MixBlackBourne

    Tis is mah email –
    i realy want to be star rider

  76. Jenny Dragonbridge

    Is there any more redeem codes other than SWAPIT100SC which does work however HAPPYPIXIE10 does not work and maybe because i am already a star rider and please add jenny dragonbridge and mail me more codes thank you


    any more odes plz need more i have allready used happypixie 10 n swapit100sc but is there anymore i ould use

  78. Bluewolf

    Ok done blah blah blah I don’t know what to say.

  79. shelley

  80. Danielle

  81. Jessie P. Gimme the star coins XD PLEASE I need 990

  82. Jessie P. i meant

  83. Jessie P.



    All the redeem codes doesnt work 🙁 It sais: Redeem code can not be used by you. HELP ME PLEASE!

  85. Eaglestar

    Mon compte a vie (stella) a ete pirater donc je me mets 10 jours sur un compte noob 🙂

  86. horse

    Please, SWAPIT100SC doesnt work for me, :/
    Does anyone have another sc code?
    Please help me…and i will give you a SR code 🙂

  87. sanne

    It does not work I am now lost my acc

  88. oLA

    Mój Email

  89. KnH

    please can I be a star rider.

  90. dominika


  91. Adelaid


  92. samanta

    hey haw to get star cones???

  93. inu.chan


  94. Luna WIntervalley

  95. øoø

    Give me SC and cods pleas

  96. øoø

    give me sc and codes pleas

  97. Viki


  98. Viki

  99. MMM

  100. Lisa

    Please I really need the code

  101. Lisa

    please send me the code

  102. Marie

    swapit100sc je heslo na penize

  103. Not ur business

    HAPPYPIXIE10 worked for me

  104. Alexis

    I am Lauren crazyhurricane


    SWAPIT100SC is now expired ok, you cant use it


    Does Anyone know any star rider codes, i really need one

  107. sziszikeee

    gyerekek itt az igazi oldal:

  108. lucy

    please someone give me a star rider code any code but not happypixie10 i allredy used it

  109. mastercemal

    please let me star coins

  110. mastercemal

    my email is

  111. plis


  112. rylee

  113. hope

    i hope i get one!!!

  114. Donna Bravegirl ;)


    100 Star Coins code ^^ 😉

  115. kitty123

    hi can I have a coad for 1234 sc

  116. maria

    help me i need a star rider code please

  117. Kristina Miststone

    when am i going to get free codes for star stable?

  118. asia

    pliss kode a star rider

  119. maria

    please verfy kod a star stable pleasssseeee! 🙁

  120. Kailey ;D

  121. Jula

    Please kode a star rider

  122. Jula

  123. Korek

    star rider plis 😀

  124. nina

    il y a pas un code où on est star rider à vie

  125. Manon

    Comment ca marche je comprend rien ?

  126. Anglea

    This is my email: , because .. where I have to give it to

  127. SARANA

    Hi if anybody says it doesnt work it does i have done this before

  128. Marialici

  129. Caroline


  130. Caroline

    does it work? 😮

  131. Marialici

    Czekam 2 dni kiedy przyjdzie ten kod bardzo mi na nim zależy 🙂

  132. admin

    Hi Carloine, it’s works but the giveaway is finished, we don’t have more codes. See is zero codes left. 🙂

  133. wingman


  134. lik


  135. Margot

    c’est on recois quand et ou le code svp 😀 😀 😀

  136. Margot

    c’est code star coin et star rider svp 😀

  137. Klaudia

    kocham tą grę <3

  138. Klaudia

    kocham tą grę

  139. Julia

    Prosze gwiazda jezdziec 😀

  140. Klaudia

  141. kayla

    i would really like free star rider and star cpins thanks 😛

  142. You dont i have to know my name

    Is just Star stable cant make a code and is star stable make the 2 code : HAPPYPIXIE10 AND SWAPIT100SC

    Star stable just make this for make a money after because star stable know if you pick this code after you will want be a star rider and you have to buy for this !

    So stop be stupid and said “Give me a code please i really want to be star rider”

    because is really stupid and you look like a little babye cry !!

  143. You dont i have to know my name

    if you really want be star rider
    put the code HAPPYPIXIE10 And after go modify your star stable document and put more days on star rider

    or buy for !!

  144. Gabrielle Ponyhall

    Gdzie wpisać e-mail ?

  145. StarRider PROSZE

  146. StarRider gDZIE TEN KOD ?!

  147. Jenny

  148. noga

    hi i need star rider not free and star coins

  149. mimi

    hope this works 🙂

  150. mimi


  151. ana

    plz i really want to be a star rider

  152. ana

    and i really want star coins too

  153. arabella

    Didn’t Workk 🙁 There are not a problem in my fresian there too star coins and lifetime starrider:)My youtube profile is Arabella Flowerheart LİKE AND SUBS:)

  154. starrider sarah

    Hi all,

    Im lifetime starrider for free 😀
    used this tool, from the site

  155. Starlove

  156. dakota

    i want to be a star rider

  157. Kate :*

  158. Kate :*


  159. Kate :*

  160. Leila Swiftnest

  161. Anna

    I wanna be star rider please byu star rider for me??

  162. Niusia

  163. Jola

  164. Hannah

  165. Natalia

    Pliss starstder

  166. Natalia

    plis stariders

  167. Sabrii

    STARRIDER SARAH, Can u send my the link of the hack to my e-mail? It’s

  168. Sabrii

    Sorry I write wrong a lot of words hehe

  169. K


  170. K


  171. Erika thank you! cx

  172. nikola

    Pliss starstder

  173. nikola

    I hope that going to work

  174. nikola

  175. apple

    free star rider and 1000 star coins

  176. Kristin

    Free lifetime Star Rider and 100,000 star coins please :).

  177. Jennifer

    Lifetime star rider for my daughter please please please!!!!!

  178. Marcella

    SplendiԀe poste : encore une fois

  179. Jumoe

    please make my a starrider for 6 monds and 1000 starcoins please my eMail is

  180. Charlotte

    There are some websites that hand out free Star Rider codes for Star Stable, but they are usually taken very fast. You can just google for keywords like “free star rider codes” or something and you will find them. I linked one of them as website in this post.

    Good luck, I hope you get one!

  181. Alina

    Please code for a free Star rider.

  182. ethrtjrtjyjyku

  183. Anonim 112

    plisss aby to było szybko


  185. Annika


  186. Jamie

    Lifetime star rider and endless star coins PLEAAAASSEE ASAP

  187. Jamie

    Please. Now 😀

  188. Vanita

    Pleasee !

  189. stokrotka.ak

    czekam na wiadomość na e-mailu 🙂

  190. Paulina


  191. Karman Bogi

  192. Oliwia


  193. Oliwia

  194. oliwka

  195. Sure

    datine coduri

  196. Julia

  197. Julia

    plisss 🙂

  198. Julia

  199. Olivia

  200. amanda

    i love this game 🙂

  201. amanda

  202. NOT telling

    i always try to type random stuff NEVER WORKS!!

  203. NOT telling


  204. NOT telling


  205. Patrycja

  206. ann-kristin

  207. eli

  208. Sophie


  209. Sophie

  210. Allison

  211. eLSA


  212. laila

    I would like the code please !!

  213. Anne


  214. Natalia

    My mail:

  215. Kinga

  216. Klara


  217. Klara

  218. Klara

  219. Kari

    ja mam pytanie. bo jak zainstalowałam star stable, i tam musiałam się zalogować, to nie mogłam, nic nie pisało się, nie wiem, co się stało, i tak mam cały czas na tej grze. a jak biorę zaloguj się, to tam pisze, że muszę wpisać email, a nie mogę, bo jak ja piszę, to tam nic nie ma. proszę o pomoc

  220. eliisa taalasmaa

    LifeTime Plz :3

  221. Anny

    My email is:
    Thanks you!

  222. florencia haytree

    there is a 300 star coins code it is BIRTHDAY3

  223. Natali


  224. Victoria

    My email is: 🙂

  225. Victoria

    mine is i would love a star rider please any star rider

  226. jazmynn

    star coins lifetime membership and an andy horse.

  227. jazmynn

    my email is : ppplllllzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! 😀 pretty plz! ok.

  228. jazmynn

    but i can’t pay. but i might say nvm because i have a real horse but he is limping! :'(

  229. jazmynn

    so now my grandmas friend (name will not be told.) is going to come and look and see if we should put him down or take him to the vet.

  230. jazmynn

    so please just wait a bit. i will say good for good mews and bad for bad mews. I HOPE IT’S GOOD MEWS

  231. Yolo1123

    What’s the code????

  232. Julia

    my email is :

  233. Julia

    star rider pleas!!!!! :3 -.- :'(

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  235. dominika

    dajcie sr za darmo plisss

  236. dominika

    my email

  237. Wiktoria

    Proszę o sr

  238. Ania

    Mój e-mail

  239. HorseLoverYay

    Guys BIRTHDAY3 is a code for Star Stable and you can get 300 star coins for free

  240. ranije

    hm.. nic my nejde!

  241. monika

    hejka chciała bym mieć bardzo dużo kodów ale nie wiem gdzie je znaleźć

  242. Veronica

  243. Veronica

    lifetime star rider please and thank you(:

  244. molly

    i havent been star rider before,can i have star rider if you can do life time i will be over the moon.

    thank you i hope you can sort something out

  245. Liv

    I love this game! It is great!!!

  246. Lauren

  247. Natália

    please star coins

  248. tessa

    geachte meneer/mevrouw,

    mag ik alstjeblieft lifetime plus 1000 starcoins. Kunt uw deze vragen beantworden.

    Met vriendelijke groet Tessa

  249. jane

    mag ik alstublieft starcoin (100) en lifetime

  250. tessa

    Geachte meneer/mevrouw,

    mag ik alstublieft lifetime plus 1000 starcoins. Kunt uw deze vragen beantworden.

    Met vriendelijke groet Tessa. dit is mijn email: (schrijf altublieft wat terug.)

  251. Stephanie

    My email is I need Star Rider, PLEASE!!!!!

  252. Khrystynka

    what is code? I need a code this! What is this code???

  253. Natalia

    Hi! My e-mail

  254. ewelina

    nie będe za to płacić nawet podierać od 4 poziomu nie warto

  255. ewelina

    I will not pay for it even podierać 4 level is not worth it

  256. sandra

  257. cemal

    my email is

  258. paula b

    nie wiem itak jak to zrobić

  259. HJklllk

    10 000 star coins pleas

  260. girl

    Cool I just got a free PSN card code at freepsncodes .cc Cool Ik heb net een gratis PSN card code bij freepsncodes .cc

  261. PearlTheRainbow

    Were do i Put my Email please help me

  262. sandra

  263. Paw

    I don’t do twitter. What do I do? Please help! I really want a code!

  264. meh

    hiiiiii my email is plz can I have star rider? 🙂

  265. Email

    my email is

  266. oliviera

    moj e mail

  267. Renata

    my mail is

  268. kasia

    my mail

  269. Zuza

    Plis o darmowego SR

  270. Sara flowerhall

    just sayin this actually DID work i got many including my friend got me one too, it expired c: so you cant get any, it would give u 10 free days star rider(:

  271. gabrielle sky hall

    here is my account for starstable if anyone wants to play my account that has 2 horses thats gonna be a lifetime star rider account just make sure you type in chat step in first then type in gabrielle in these to boxes that you are supposed to type the name in:


  272. gabrielle sky hall

    and its gonna be a star rider account here quickly just do not play it so many times and you can play my account all you want when its a lifetime star rider account

  273. gabrielle sky hall

    what is the starstable hack tool password???

  274. faith

    can someone give me a redeem code that’s not HAPPYPIXIE10 bc I need more star coins to buy a horse that I really want please? BTW HAPPYPIXIE10 don’t work for me

  275. kasia

    chciałabym mieć star ridera

  276. No Name

    Star coins code please! Quite alot maybe xD

  277. No Name

    Please can I have 1000 star coins maybe? Thanks xD

  278. No Name

    / Lifetime star rider and 10,000 star coins ^.^

  279. Nikola


  280. NAME


  281. SanneMO

    i know a code HAPPYHOLIDAY it works
    ik weet een code het is HAPPYHOLIDAY

  282. SanneMO

    i know a code HAPPYHOLIDAY it works
    ik weet een code HAPPYHOLIDAY het werkt

  283. Angelsflying

    please give me free lifetime star rider on my

  284. Angelsflying i want lifetime thanks

  285. bambo

    działa jeszcze ten kod? 🙂

  286. brooke

    lifetims sso plz

  287. Ola


  288. ala

  289. lea

    is shit

  290. shenna

    hoe wert ditt

  291. Lola

    Hi, i the codes :


    Mais il ne marche no. Moi I ne marche no the code.

    SWAPIT 100SC = 100star coins mais il marche plus of the code.

    Tank You de me dire the codes star rider And star coins

  292. Lola

    The Email :

  293. ania


  294. star stable hacks

    He needs to develop.

  295. Dada

    Dobri den. chcela som sa opitat ze preco mi nejde v hre skakat.. vopred dakujem za odpoved…:D

  296. Kinga2b

    you need to download something?

  297. Kinga2b

    Star Stable is the best game in the world that can be !!!! There is no better

  298. Kinga2b

    Please, prompt response

  299. Kinga2b

    100 baks?

  300. Kinga2b

    100 forecastle

  301. hailey

    please give me a star stable star rider code id like if it were a lifetime please

  302. katrin

    We’re sorry but all codes are long gone, so we’re unfortunately unable to provide you with further ones. This is also why you won’t find any field to enter your mail.

    And as Star Stable is a browser-based game, you don’t have to download anything.

  303. Vicki

    Ok I hope that this works

  304. Anoynmous

    this doesn’t work! there 0 keys and i can’t find where to enter my adress!

  305. Holly

    i have a question…i dont live in england and i dont understand one thing-if its free,for what do you pay for?

  306. Cameron

  307. katrin

    Yes, Holly, the core game is free to play. However, there do exist subscription options (called Star Rider membership) for those who’d like to have unlimited access to the entirety of features and enhanced gameplay, which is what this (already finished) giveaway was about.

  308. addison


  309. Maya

    i need a star rider lifetime membership code, star coins etc

  310. mlili


  311. hack game online di android

    This game hadn’t been so bad at all. I enjoyed it for some
    time. Last up-date destroyed every thing for me and I quit…

  312. lovestarstable (favorite game)

    Plz let me get star rider even if it is for 1 day. IT IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER. Plz let me get it.

  313. lovestarstable (favorite game)

    Star stable is my most favorite game, please let me get star rider with star coins even if it is for one day.

    #1 star stable fan

  314. jamie leigh



  315. Anniemistland

    star coins please :3

  316. Anniemistland

    if i can can i have 500 sc please :3

  317. Sophia Sunheart

    I want to get lifetime through this website and I had to enter my e-mail below a picture but I do not see it you can send me an e-mail with lifetime ??
    because I have followed all

  318. Tereza

    Ahoj máte kod na sc

  319. Katy Crazy

    Ahoj, nemůžete mi ten postup nějak někdo vysvětlit? já vím je to tu napsané ale já to něják nechápu 🙁 byla bych mu moc vděčná a něco pro něj udělala

  320. Ice

    E-mail: pls send me a sr code pls I want it so
    much sry for my bad english 🙁

  321. Emma

    this is not right STAR RIDER get star coins and we get nothing we should least get coins can someone please send me star coin (1000) please

  322. sandy dockrock

    please starrider and starcoins(10000) PLEASE 🙂

  323. sandy dockrock

    please starrider and starcoins PLEASE 🙂

  324. sandy dockrock

    vy ste dostali sc a sr?? lebo ja nie

  325. Auggie lifetime please!!!

  326. Viktoria

    Lifetime star rider ! and some star coins!

  327. jita23

  328. Tyra

    Star Coins Please?

  329. Eline Hekland

    mine is :)) please ^^

  330. nicolemillan

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  331. hapalapa

    Please Star rider

  332. Tiffany

    Star rider and star coins please!!

  333. Tiffany

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  334. Mici

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    Please star rider.

  335. Grace

  336. lena to muj e-mail 🙂

  337. lena

    przepraszam za orto 😀

  338. regnarr

    Take a look to our First Look Video of Star Stable!

  339. anonym

  340. Anonymka

    Můj e-mail ->

  341. evelina

  342. kate


  343. jana waterpaw

    my email is please i want starrider in my account in sso


    yy co?

  345. Rhylie

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  346. Chiharu

    I want a star rider please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Cameron

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  350. lotte

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  351. Kay

    Please, I would love to be a lifetime star rider, but I would also love being a star rider for a short period too! PLEASE!!!!!

  352. greg

    We’ve got new codes here:

  353. emma

    please send star rider lifetime code ty ! <3