Gigantic Releases Corruption Update

The Corruption update is now live! This is Gigantic’s first major release since launch and it features the new Hero and mischief-maker, ORU! This mid-range caster introduces an entirely new set of tools to the battlefield, and we’re thrilled for him to join the Gigantic cast.

Today’s update also includes a host of new systems and polish, including Custom Lobbies and the ability to set a Push-to-Talk key for the in-game voice chat. Read up on the details below:

New Hero: Oru
Oru, also known as ‘The Fortune Teller,’ is a mid-range damage dealer who excels in teamfights. His kit revolves around combining his skills to deal high damage and provide utility to the team in the form of crowd control.

Additionally, Oru releases with his first set of skins, which are now available in the shop. Players can pick up the Mordant, Voracious, and Garrulous skins today!

Custom Lobbies
Introducing the beta version of Custom Lobbies! This feature allows teams to arrange 5v5 matches without requiring them to enter the general matchmaking pool. As a beta feature, our goal is to implement the system in a way that allows us to quickly introduce it for use by the community.

Other Updates
The new Corruption update allows players to make use of several new features and refinements in Gigantic. This includes the highly anticipated Push-to-Talk feature for voice chat, which can be toggled in the settings menu. We’re also re-introducing a mechanic called Creature Gestation which promotes greater strategy at higher levels of play by giving players a window to attack and counter enemy creatures while they are still vulnerable.


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