GhostX: Pre-open Beta

GhostX that services leading Korean online games free of charge is hosting various events to mark the end of the closed beta test of GhostX. The events will continue until October 28th to celebrate the successful end of the CBT and welcome the pre-open beta service, which it will start on November 4th.

During the final event, users will be offered “Super Syncro” which boosts twice as much EXP. For skilful gamers, another set of diverse events are prepared. At the “Aim High” event, the top five rankers with highest scores will be awarded in-game points while “Soul of Rebirth” items will be given to four players from each class with highest number of combo attacks at the “Master of Combos” event.

Adventure-craving gamers will find the “Hide & Seek” event where they look for the Game Manager characters in various maps of GhostX. All users who find the GM characters will be awarded items with potion functions.

The exciting events continue until October 28th when the CBT ends, and can be joined by any users of Prizes from each event will be awarded at the pre-OBT.

“We genuinely appreciate the interest and support al the gamers have shown in GhostX so far,” said Roxy, Game Manger of GhostX. Showing his appreciation, he plans to launch the pre-OBT without the DB wipe of the CBT.


Check here the official website of GhostX.

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  1. xRusRockx

    And when will the offcial OBT start with the ”Project2” update?
    It’s already 3 years since GhostX started.

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