Ghost Recon Online presents the Project TOPOS

Ubisoft has announced the launch of the Project TOPOS: Beta Map Testing program for its free-to-play MMOFPS Ghost Recon Online. The  Project TOPOS will begin in April, and will enable the community of the game to take a major role in the design and development of the new maps of the game, because they can test the beta versions of the maps that are still in development, and share their feedback of these maps through dedicated Project TOPOS forum channels.

According to Theo Sanders, the game’s lead producer: “Our community plays an important role in shaping how Ghost Recon Online will evolve. With Project TOPOS, we have another platform with which to closely involve our community in shaping not only the design of the maps that we have planned, but more importantly, what they want their Ghost Recon Online experience to be.”

Source of information: Ubisoft press release

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