Get Your Elite Pack for Ultimate Naruto!

Ultimate Naruto - Giveaway - EN and are teaming up with JoyFun, publisher of Ultimate Naruto, to offer our readers an exclusive giveaway with a limited number of codes that can be redeemed for an Elite Pack in-game.

Ultimate Naruto is a free-to-play online role-playing game that can directly be played in your favourite web browser. Based on the popular Naruto manga series, it has adopted the original drawing style and allows players to meet all their favourite characters from the series.

Elite Packs contain the following items (worth around 50G to 80G):

- 100 Lv. 1 Silver Cards
-  3 Treasure Talisman
- 3 Lv.  1 Jade Boxes
- 3 Channeling Scrolls
- 888 Prestige
- 888 S.Ability

Ultimante Naruto Giveaway

  • Step 1. Follow us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to never miss a giveaway again:

  • Step 2. Add your email to the field below (above the “Get Your Key” button). It's only possible to sign up once for this giveaway. If this is the first time you use our system, please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail in the field below.

  • Step 3. Create an account using this link and log in. (You will only receive your pack for accounts created via this link!)

  • Step 4. Redeem your gift code by clicking on "Gift Code" on the right side of your screen.

  • Step 5. Enter your code and click on "Bag" located at the bottom of your screen.

Enjoy your Elite Pack!


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