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Gates of Andaron

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Developed by Zemi Interactive for Windows.


Nation of Bravery Soldiers, DeFugel; Nation of Mysterious Magics, Craxion; Nation of Strong Troops, Broa.

Three kingdoms are facing each other without a bit of yield, advocating each history and truth of those three kingdoms. One hero, who is born to figure out the truth that was buried in hundreds of thousands of years, is you who jumped into this world of chaos.


- Quests: Besides main quests around the truth of three kingdoms, sub-quests that solve NPCs' stories with various characteristics are also waiting for you.
Veteran dubbing performer acted NPCs' voices, and they expressed nicely their characteristics providing friendly feeling.
Outbreaking quests are also prepared that unpredictably happens on the line of time and space.
Quests are there anywhere you step into.

- Territory occupation: By the number of territory your kingdom owns, place you can go, items you can have and stories you can solve differs.
At certain time, everywhere, everyday, occupation battle are taken place by destiny risking your life.
Now, not only for kingdoms or honor of guilds, but also for survival, you have to jump into the war of kingdoms.

- R.S.C.S (Realtime strategy command system): With a simple click of a mouse, the commander in chief can perceive the progress of a battle in the field real time through a minimap and control or give order to the Corps (up to 49 people) so that they can move, defend or attack.


  • Warriors are physically strong and adept in attack and in defense. They carry heavy armor and powerful weapons.

  • Night Walkers are skillful in the use of knives and have a keen ability to hone in on an enemy's weakness. Stealth is their greatest weapon as they sneak through the night, unseen and unheard.

  • Archers are skilled in long-range weapons and possess advanced evasion skills for close-combat. Using a keen eye and steady hand, many an archer has helped defeat foe and rescue friend.

  • Magicians are powerful wizards that possess the gift to control the elements. They are not armored and mainly fight from a distance.

  • Protected by the Goddess of the Waters, Rekamies, priests have the ability to perform both white and black magic. This allows them to heal and rejuvenate companions after a long and tedious battle and protect themselves in dangerous situations.

  • Evocators can open portals leading to other dimensions and can control gruesome creatures. This enables them to use other creatures' abilities. They wear leather armor as protection.


  • Operating system - Windows 2000/XP/Vista

  • Processor - Pentium4 1.6GHz

  • Memory - 512 Mb

  • Graphics Card - GeForce4 MX440 64Mb

  • DirectX Version - DirectX 9.0c

  • Hard Drive Space - 2GB or more

Website: Gates of Andaron

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Gates of Andaron game

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4 Comentarios de Gates of Andaron

  1. Goa Player

    This game is a BIG SCAM ,yes its free to play But u need money to buy Moonstones which you use to buy upgrading stuff to upgrade your armor,moonstones are expensive , upgrading rates is almost IMPOSSIBLE , you can spend almost $1000 to maybe get a decent armor maybe a full +20 .
    This is about Gates of Andaron which is the 4story game version for USA.


  2. dvs12

    This game is a joke. The amount of money/time required to invest in this game to earn/get a “decent” (at that, not even top) gear, will run any player more than a car lease per month. The moderators seem to have little care to what happens in the game, and have no resolution for player/player squabbles except for banning. There are no terms for getting scammed that 500$ item you got robbed due to lack in programming to prevent such. I would suggest buying a new computer over playing this game entirely.

  3. PKGhost

    Gates of Andaron has gotten the 4.0 and 4.1 patches added with many new features, level cap increased, active third faction, pet system and much more.

    For the reviews above, seem to revolving around money. This game is played be allot of people who do not put money into the cash shop system and do extremely well. Most of the cash shop items are trade-able for in-game currency and in high volume. With the new patch even more of the items need to make and plus items has been increased just takes a little effort to get them.

  4. Falconz

    I have to say I agree with PKGhost about the other reviews. As a player of this game for almost 5 years, I have never spent real money on this game and have amassed a great collection of gear due to trading with other players and the surveys which give players free money to spend in the cash shop.

    The Game and Board Staff are very helpful towards players, as all of them are players themselves. And the playerbase at large is very friendly and helpful, especially towards newcomers.

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