[GamesCom] TERA exclusive video presentation

"The first true action MMO". These words are how Frogster described TERA at GamesCom. We were there, and they showed us the game, in an exclusive presentation. But we talked too. They explained us the combat mechanics, for melee and caster classes, how the political system will mark the difference with the rest of MMO games or the different kind of dungeons and instances. Also the spoke about how the guilds can buy an area within the main city hub, the social interaction between groups using aoe buffs, and fully customizable interface.

Let's start with four videos that we filmed during the prestation, in HD quality, highlighting character creation, lancer class gameplay, sorcerer class gameplay (here you will see aoe buffs using a cauldron -camp fire- as axis, and open dungeon gameplay. You can watch all of them through our channel.

- CHARACTER CREATION - Six classes with a choice of genre for all except for Baraka. Eight classes; melee, range and caster and healers. 88 possible combinations, at all. In the character customization you have a huge range of options to choose, also the voice of your avatar.


- LANCER GAMEPLAY - Melee combat class with powerfull attacks. The game features real 3D engine with amazing graphics. Its combat dynamic is incredible; it will be a real combat revolution in the MMO universe. You can avoid attacks by jumping or dodging. You can't through the monsters and you can use counter attacks or hold your position with your shield.  

- SORCERER CLASS GAMEPLAY - After a long fly, contemplating the landscape (oh, just a key: you can reach any point you see), you will appreciate the combat as a caster. Setting a camp fire, and using it, you will buff each avatar in the area of effect, teammate or not.

Finally, the showed us an open dungeon and a really big boss who gets mad in the middle in the combat, which it doesn't mean anything good.

- OPEN DUNGEON GAMEPLAY - Teamwork is specially important in dungeons because each character has its own function. The game will feature open dungeons and instances. In an open dungeon you could find another group hunting mobs but there are lot of corridors to explore.

At the end, they talked us about how you can change everything in the interface (they proved it; I swear) and the political system. The world of TERA is divided in regions. Each one will elect its own Lord; although a player could be Lord fighting his way through PvP. And each city will elect its own King. Kings will have control over taxes and monster spawn. So the king will be in touch with the community. Also, Guilds can buy areas inside the city, a kind of housing where you can enjoy your guildmates and its company.

But we have bad news... the new schedule points to 2011 :(

If you ask me, TERA will rock, for sure.

Check here all you need to know about TERA.  And visit its official website.

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