[GamesCom] Mythos exclusive gameplay video presentation

Kurt Seemann, country manager Spain for Frogster, showed us, in an exclusive video presentation, Mythos, the new hack&slash action role-playing game which frogster will bring to Europe next year. Mythos was originally under development by Flagship Studios Seattle, a subdivision of Flagship Studios, a video game company composed largely of ex-Blizzard North employees who were lead producers of the Diablo series. Due to financial issues at Flagship Studios, Flagship Seattle was subsequently dissolved, leaving the intellectual property rights in the hands of the Korean game company HanbitSoft.


The game will support two kind of perspectives: isometric 3D (classic hack&slash point of view) and MMO style in third person view. its client will be lightweight, just 1GB. It will feature PvP battlegrounds and maybe open PvP; but it's still under development. Its skills trees are similar to Diablo's, as its gameplay, but the RPG component marks the difference. Also it will feature a nice crafting system where the players can choose what to be and what to build.

Watch it, in HD, through our new TV channel.

Check here all you need to know about Mythos. And visit its official website.

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