[GamesCom] Guild Wars 2 exclusive video presentation

Colin Johanson, Game designer for NCsoft, showed us Guild Wars 2 in an exclusive video presentation, at GamesCom. But, first of all, if you missed it, check out the new screenshots and artworks of Guild Wars 2 through these links: screenshots & artworks. By the way, you can watch all the videos we filmed within our channel.

The presentation started with the announcement of a new playable class: necromancer. Although they didn't talk much about it. Then, they changed the direction to the character creation. They explained how at the start of the game, you will have to choose -carefully, because it means something- the personal story  of your avatar, the biography. Through different steps you mold your character's personality, which will be reflected in the future.



Your character will be fully integrated with the cinematics throughout the game. Also with the city. Because the city (we saw Divinity's reach -the human city-) will have a home instance for each player. Cities are open world but there are personal instances, named as mend regions, where depending on your game experience you will see different elements. For example, if you rescue a girl from the hands of a group of thieves, she will come to visit you.


After that, they showed us how the dynamic events work. With different difficulty levels, depending on the number of players involved, you will face a very social feature where everyone have to cooperate to succeed. There are many dynamic events around the map, linked, and you never know what happens before to jump into one of them.



Finally, the showed us the mechanics for skills and weapons. You can combine two of them, like a barrier of fire and arrows: to launch arrows in fire, to get a much powerful skill. The interface, with different weapons, is very intuitive, because when you switch to another weapon, a new bar of skills appears.


You will want to play Guild Wars 2, trust me.

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